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Natural Depression Remedy | Rob Kardashian Weight Loss 2016

It has been such a long time since I have written a blog but I am happy to say that I am “back in action” and ready to speak on a topic that is my most requested- a natural depression remedy that works just as well as a prescription or better!

“Rob Kardashian Weight Loss”

You might wonder why I am writing about Rob Kardashian weight loss or what his name has to do with my natural depression remedy. Well, Rob Kardashian actually inspired me and as I watched him fall into depression last year, I knew I wanted to make a video & blog educating on this topic. Not only did I hope that Rob Kardashian would eventually see this video but I hoped it would help many other people suffering with similar depression, weight gain and feeling “lost” in life.

I want you to know that if you are suffering like Rob Kardashian from weight gain and feelings of depression-you are not alone. In fact, it might help you to know that many human beings who are sensitive to certain foods or who cannot see a clear career path for themselves, often suffer from mood swings and depression. Part of my approach to this natural depression remedy blog, is to make people aware that to successfully recover from depression, you need to adjust diet and lifestyle first and than you can determine the correct path to take.

With that being said, I would like to explain my natural depression remedy and how this can help others like Rob Kardashian recover quickly and efficiently. This really is the best natural  depression remedy and I know with persistence and support- this blog has the potential to help millions of people!!!

Please also note that with any stress, anxiety and depression, that the cause is totally individualized. The contributing factors to each soul’s feelings is unique to that person and typically the cause can be related to anything from diet to lacking physical activity. Also, in some cases, post traumatic stress that has not been addressed.

Natural Depression Remedy “How-To”

Below I will list my top 5 steps to my natural depression remedy. These steps and the description that follows are crucial to quickly and efficiently addressing your sadness and overcoming your temporary condition. The natural depression remedy has been used by many of my clients throughout the past several years and I am very confident in its effectiveness.

#1. Slowly Eliminate And Cut Back On Prescription & Non-Prescription Drugs

When Rob Kardashian became depressed, I did at one point hear that he had tried medication. Unfortunately, prescription medication hinders our immune system and can cause not only weight gain but a slew of other unpleasant side-effects (acne, hair-loss, histamine reactions and anxiety). Anything that is not a natural approach will only band-aid a problem. It is unlikely that a chemical pill, processed in a factory, could ever benefit our long-term health. In my natural depression remedy recipe, I will list the a natural antidepressant supplement and a super-juice that has been proven to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This can be purchased online or at your local health food store, keep reading…

#2. Transdermal Magnesium (Magnesium Oil) & Water

Where do I even begin? Tons of people in this world are lacking proper magnesium consumption and this mineral alone can be the cure to so many different bodily ails. If you’re reading this and have already tried a magnesium supplement in pill form- think twice. In medical research, it is only when magnesium is applied topically onto the skin, where it passes through the fatty tissue, that DHEA levels are raised. Because lowered DHEA levels are connected to depression, this simple supplement can CHANGE your LIFE! Find the proper dosing instructions and brands that I recommend listed on my natural depression remedy recipe below. In addition, I beg of you to drink the proper water amounts throughout the day! Doing this, in combination with magnesium will help you greatly, even if you are still taking a medication.

#3. The Food You Eat Is KEY! White Flour Is the Devil

If you don’t know, I am telling you now- do NOT consume sugar, white flour, dairy or anything containing aspartame. I couldn’t help but notice that Rob Kardashian ’s sister, Kim, would rip open packets of Sweet & Low (containing aspartame) into her beverages on the show. Although this outwardly did not effect Kim’s weight, it 100% could have affected Rob’s. See, it’s unfortunate because we trust the FDA to make good decisions concerning what is put out on the market. In my opinion almost every disease is related to one word: TOXICITY. Foods like the above listed are so toxic. Including but not limited to the chemical that is used to bleach white flour. Not only does this chemical cause weight gain but depression and inflammation as well. Be smart and read your food ingredients!

#4. B Complex and Herbals: Your Internal Entry Way To Happiness

A specific herb and B complex will naturally cure your depression. Time and time again I have done this for people and within days their mood is elevated and they feel back to normal! B complex is amazing and most people do not even realize they need this vitamin daily (most times, 2x daily). Rob Kardashian, for example, was shown drinking tons of liquor on the earlier episodes of the Kardashian’s. Not only did this get in the way of his relationship (no one makes good decisions when they drink) but drinking large amounts of alcohol rapidly break down your bodies B vitamins, leading to feelings of sorrow and depression. Once the bodies B vitamins are replenished- depression becomes a thing of the past. In addition to this, I have a herbal supplement that will be included in my natural depression remedy recipe. I highly recommend this supplement and personally feel it is a miracle!

#5. Intense Bursts of Quick Exercise and Stress Reducing Techniques

Not a fan of working out? Awesome! Then this last step is for you. Intense busts of fast physical activity have been proven to knock out depression instantly. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is try it. I have done this myself and not only do I look better but I feel better right away. I enjoy a Youtube video on this and encourage you to watch HERE and HERE. Also, practice stress reducing techniques. Note that as Rob Kardashian fell in love with Blac Chyna, he became happier and more hopeful. Why? Because intimate relationships and love instantly boost our serotonin levels, leading to feelings of warmth and happiness- Go Rob!

The Natural Depression Remedy Recipe: Click HERE to purchase my natural depressant remedy recipe. This includes the above items plus the herbal cure & withdrawal juice with additional dosing instructions and I charge $9.99. I encourage you to purchase this and follow what is recommended. I have worked a long time to help people change their lives and I want to continue to spread my health knowledge. What better way to turn over a new leaf than with your mood and lifestyle choices? Let us all follow Rob Kardashian in 2016 and lose weight while feeling healthier than ever! This natural depression remedy is KEY, God Bless!

Natural Depression Remedy, Natural Depression Remedy, Natural Depression Remedy
Natural Depression Remedy, Natural Depression Remedy, Natural Depression Remedy

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  • Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy 2016, How To Cure Scabies Fast!

How To Cure Scabies FAST! Scabies Home Remedy 2016

If you have found my blog through a search engine or on my Youtube video, then I can imagine you may have been exposed to the scabies mite! This is an unfortunate event, however, with the right “healthful” steps this annoying and sometimes “hellish” skin condition is very easy to treat with my scabies home remedy 🙂

If you want your scabies home remedy to be effective, please be diligent in following all of the steps listed below. Within a few days of completing this routine- you will be back to your old self again! I have helped to assist many people with this situation and am confident in its effectiveness. Read below for my “scabies home remedy” oil recipe and learn how to cure scabies…


You must clean everything if you want the scabies home remedy to be work! Vacuum as much as you can and make sure to get everything up off the floor. Place pillows or other items that you don’t plan on washing into plastic trash bags and set aside in a closet or spare room for two weeks(no exceptions). For women, wipe down the outside of your makeup containers and freeze for a full 12 hours. Mites die if exposed to a temperature of 50C. Anything else that you can’t wash- throw it in the freezer (my shorts were very chilly) 🙂

After you vacuum, remove the bag and get rid of it! Most times, people let their vacuum sit, which allows the mites to come back out again and play- no bueno! Wipe down everything- counters, door handles, fridge handles, light switches and toilet seat and flush handle. My favorite wipes are Seventh Gen’s Thyme Wipes (Thyme oil destroys mites). Lastly, wash all of your clothes in HOT water with detergent and borax. Dry on HIGH heat and place in a sealed garbage bag for 1 week. Go to Target or Walmart and get some new comfy clothes to wear until the week is up. Also, wipe down your washer or the wet clothes can stick to mites again on their way back out!


A while back, I had found a recipe while searching the keywords “biblical cure to scabies”. It was an old tattered recipe by a doctor who cured an entire army of soldiers back in the 1800‘s. This mixture of essential oils destroys scabicides within minutes and is 100% successful. Because I have tailored this scabies home remedy to be even more effective, I charge $9.99 and it can be found HERE. *Please have anyone else you are living with or in close contact with apply this scabies home remedy mixture as well. This step must be taken or you will leave yourself vulnerable to catching it again. This oil mixture has been used on many of my clients and is a a sure-fire natural scabies treatment and scabies home remedy!

To begin, you will make this mixture and set it aside. You will remove your clothes and place them in a bag or into the washer. Then, shower your entire body with a natural coconut or neem soap. If you would like, you can make the water a bit warm, as the heat will lure the mites to the surface of your skin. Fully dry off when exiting the shower and apply this mixture the top of your head to the tips of your toes(including the scalp area, ears, face and under the nail beds). This is preferably done before bed so that you can sleep the entire night fully coated with the scabies home remedy oils. Also, it would be best to sleep in a new location. If you have a guest room, basement or spare room – try to sleep there for a few nights to avoid the old environment you were sleeping in previously. Mites die off in about 3 days without a human host, so sleeping in another location will allow for this to transpire. *Do not be alarmed if you see black dots being excreted from your body after applying the scabies home remedy oil mixture. This is considered “die off”. If possible, try to get them into a tissue and discard them into the trash!

Watch me discuss more about my scabies home remedy on my Youtube Video. This is the best explanation on how to cure scabies naturally with my scabies home remedy. It also talks about staying positive!


For this scabies home remedy to work you must cut out starches and sugar. I know this may seem like a pain but what’s even more of a nuisance is your situation. Trust me when I say- mites LOVE sugar and starches. Yes, even “natural sugar” excites these little guys and will make them conquer and divide. Please go shopping for high protein food sources. Organic eggs, avocado, greens, almonds, walnuts, cucumbers- there are so many options! A perfect day will look a little something like this: Breakfast will be two scrambled eggs in olive oil with sea salt and pepper with a side of avocado, for lunch a big green salad with lots of veggies (no carrots) and some sardines or tuna on top. Dinner can be any protein you like with steamed veggies and olive oil with lots of spices. Your healing from eating high protein food sources will happen quickly and effectively. In addition, you may have 1/2 of a low glycemic green apple per day. If you find this makes your condition worse, please wait until the second week and try again. This diet should be consumed for a time period of two full weeks to ensure “parasitic die off”.


Vitamin C throughout the day is a crucial part in your scabies home treatment. Pick up some vitamin C powder at the health food store and put 1/4 TSP in your filtered water throughout the day- up to 6,000 mg per day at the maximum. For the natural scabies treatment to be effective along with the biblical oil cure above- you need to raise your immunity back up. Chances are, if you have scabies, you have been stressed and most likely lacking the proper sleep you require. Vitamin C will boost back up your immunity and help to fight off and destroy the mites. Remember, it is not just about a clean environment but a clean healthy body on the inside as well!

Also, please purchase some garlic gel capsules (the natural alternative to ivermectin). Be sure to purchase the garlic capsules which contain gelatin as the fat helps to aid in maximum absorption of the garlic into your system. Mites hate garlic as the smell emanates throughout your skin- a great way to kill scabies naturally. You may take one in the AM and one in the PM or noon and PM. “NOW” brand garlic capsules work great! In addition, a B-complex vitamin to handle the stress is a great idea too.

There you have it! Above are my four steps to my scabies home remedy 2016. This is effective and simple to follow. Full body healing is usually seen in two weeks however, the biblical oil treatment works instantly (also see “bible cure to scabies). Lastly, Theraneem lotion by Theraneem can be used weekly as a body moisturizer to prevent you from re-catching scabies a second time. Best of luck to all and please don’t hesitate to inbox me with any questions or concerns. And remember… “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds!”

A Few Extra Rules For My Scabies Home Remedy…

NO alcohol, chocolate, vinegar, fried foods or peanuts (These contain natural mold spores)

Never use towels twice

Always put socks on after oil treatments

-Where slip-on shoes around the house after applying the natural scabies treatment oils.

-Believe deeply you will be better 🙂

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy

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  • L-arginine


L-arginine is my newest supplement obsession- so much so, that I had to give this amino acid its own detailed blog! I hope everyone can benefit from the following useful and effective benefits that this wonderful supplement has to offer…

L-arginine for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a very sensitive subject for men who experience this unfavorable condition. However, there are some very easy and natural ways to improve and even completely heal this situation. For most, there is an underlying reason which contributes to the restricted blood flow and rather than taking “natural” steps to help adjust this situation- we might tend to make it worse by adding prescription medicines to our regimen. It is important to stress, that any medical condition is our body’s way of asking for help. In fact, our bodies are constantly trying to repair and heal from past damage- if we allow it to do so. That being said, erectile dysfunction can be easily improved with a few great lifestyle changes and natural supplements. Read the following suggestions to start the healing process…

What medications are you taking?

Many medications from anti-depressants to allergy meds contribute to loss of proper blood flow, especially to the area where you need it the most. I have found that most men in need of medical help in this area are most times on pharmaceutical medications. It would be well-advised to consult with your doctor and implement dietary and lifestyle changes to avoid the side effects of these prescription medications. If you take this step, please be patient because most medicines build up in our body’s tissues and take time to detox back out. It could take up to a year to see full results but the more healthful you are, the faster you will see changes! The good news is- my recommendation for an L-arginine supplement usually takes immediate effect. I also coin the term “healing”, as the increased oxygen flow throughout the body really does help to eliminate toxins.



If you want your blood flow to improve, you need to get your blood circulating throughout your entire body. Work out in the AM or early afternoon. Working out in the morning sets the tone for the entire day and really improves our oxygen intake. Also, the more we push ourselves physically and the more “in-shape” we become, our bodies can enter detoxification at a much faster pace. In addition, experts have said that people who work out more often heal twice as fast. Need some help with energy? 500 to 1,000 mgs of L-arginine can help blast you through your workout!


Do not worry.

It’s important not to get too “heady” when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes when we over think health situations or stress ourselves too much, we can make a situation worse. Be confident in your body’s ability to heal. Realize that you need to improve your health and use this as a catalyst for change. Try the “emotional freedom tapping technique” to improve your mentality and belief system. Also, another wonderful benefit of L-arganine is it’s ability to diminish headaches and migraines- most times caused by stress.



Purchase L-arginine.

L-arginine is a powerhouse amino acid that pumps up our nitric oxide, leading to almost immediate improvement with our blood flow. This supplement works wonders not only for ED but for everything from improving your workout to enhancing your sex life. Jarrow makes a great L-arginine supplement that comes in a 1,000 MG tab. I like this brand because it contains no magnesium stearate or animal gelatin. NOW brand vitamin’s also has a great L-arganine supplement that can be found here. If you take 500mg- feel free to split it up by taking one in the AM after breakfast and one 30 min prior to bedtime.

Jarrow Formulas: L-Arginine 1000 mg, 100 vcaps


EAT Healthfully.

I still cringe when people continue to eat white bread. Have you researched the chemical they use to bleach white flour? If not, please read up on this. After you do, you may not be so eager to reach for the bread basket the next time you dine out. Always remember that un-natural foods contain chemicals, dyes, GMO’s and trans-fat. If you want to improve your over-all health then start to make clean, organic food choices. Fresh caught wild salmon and farm fresh eggs from free range chickens are wonderful sources of protein along with bright fruits and veggies for an ultimate diet transformation. If you are a vegan, than walnuts and seeds create the perfect release of nitric-oxide! Throw some walnuts into your smoothie to see results.


L-arginine For Anti-Aging?

That’s right! If you want to stay looking young and continue to be “wrinkle-free” then start taking some L-arginine. It has been documented that taking this amino acid 30 minutes prior to bedtime, produces HGH (human growth hormone) within the body. HGH not only slows down the aging process but can even reverse it! Additionally, L-arginine improves cardiovascular function, improves bone density and comes along with a whole slew of other wellness benefits, not to mention its ability to BURN fat and increase muscle mass.

Cautions: Be mindful when taking a supplement to follow the labeling dosages. Although it may be tempting to take large amounts of L-arginine, doing so is not conducive to maintaining good health. A little goes a long way and I only recommend 1-2 grams per day.

Hope this article is very helpful! -QoG

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  • Love Beets

Love Beets?- I Do! 4 Amazing Health Benefits

Love Beets is such a phenomenal product and this brand impressed me so much I had to blog-it-up! Love Beets company provides some of the best beet juice I have ever had. It’s rich, smooth texture is tasty and energizing. In addition, Love Beets is devoted to what they believe in and provide a plethora of different “beet infused” drinks and food items to satisfy your palette. Love Beets is dedicated to improving the health of you and your family and what better way to start this process than by filling your blood stream with nourishing antioxidants!

Love Beets Benefits

Don’t love beets? Well you should! Beets are “superfoods” and they have the ability to miraculously heal the body. I should know- I use to wear glasses and now my vision is 20/20! I might add that those kind of healing effects come from a total body wellness turn-a-round! However, a great way to start is by adding beets into the diet and here’s why…

1. High In Vitamins & Minerals!

Are you feeling tired or run down? Well swing by your local store and grab some beet juice. Or better yet, throw some Love Beets into your morning smoothie! Organic beets are chock full of immune-enhancing vitamins such as A, B & C – not to mention a slew of other minerals such as iron, folate, manganese, potassium and copper. If you want to take less processed vitamins then hop on the Love Beets band-wagon and go for a ride!

Love Beets

My morning BEET smoothie- YUMBO!

2. Cheer Up Beetercup!

If you are feeling “low”- beets will take you high! Love Beets contain naturally occurring betaine- the same substance used in treating symptoms of depression. In addition, Love Beets also contain tryptophan, which relaxes the body, creating an all-over peace of mind. That being said- Love Beets!

Love Beets

3. Turn The Beet Around!

Love Beets amp up your energy flow by increasing your “feel-good” neurons. Be prepared to power right through your workout or have more energy to expend on your partner! Did you know in ancient Rome beets were used as an instant aphrodisiac? That’s right- beets contain elevated levels of boron, which quickly increases the production of the human sex hormone. A great excuse to make a chocolate beet-cake for dessert with your partner and have a cuddle!

Love Beets

Chocolate Beet Cake (=

4. Best For Last- Beets Cleanse The Blood

Stop worrying about long detoxes where you can’t eat and just eat some beets! Beets cleanse and detox the blood stream like no other. It’s so easy too- just start by blending or adding some beets into your salads. Doing this will serve as a tonic to your liver and I promise you will feel the difference! Another added bonus?- beets can kick cancer’s butt and work with your body to lower the acidity content in your gut. So why wait? Grab some Love Beets products ASAP and over-haul your health starting today!

Love Beets

All Time Fav: Cherry-Berry Beet Juice!

Check out LoveBeets.com to learn more about these amazing products and for some yummy heart-healthy recipes…

Don’t forget to also invest in a top-notch juicer to receive the most out of your beets while making homemade beet juice! My fav juicer brand can be found here.

Love Beets company ROCKS and gets my 2015 Queen of Green seal of approval- xo Eileen

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  • sitting test

Sitting Test – Determine Your Longevity!

Sitting test – determine your longevity!

Good morning everyone 🙂 This morning I would like to touch on balance and agility. What do these two things have to do with your future?- EVERYTHING.
Recently, my mom, an avid “worker-outter” told me about the “sitting test” to determine ones lifespan. Being the “wellness freak” that I am needed to know more…

sitting test

My Mom & Dad – keeping active!

Who came up with the sitting test?

Thanks to Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo there is a simple sitting test one can do to determine how many years you will live! Whoo- kinda scary 😉
Dr. Araujo came up with the sitting test after noticing how many of his older patients began experiencing difficulties with their balance and strength. I say older vs elderly because I feel we can all remain strong in the body and mind for most of our lives (if we want, the choice is ours!). Just look at Elaine LaLanne for example – still cracking out push-ups at the age of 88 years old. She is my hero and I bet she could pass the sitting test with flying colors! Elaine is a phenomenal example of someone who has aged gracefully by remaining strong and youthful…

sitting test

Elaine LaLanne – 88 years old. Check out those guns!!!

Why is the sitting test important?

We all know that as people age and neglect weight training they tend to have more slips and falls. Not only is this damaging to ones cardiovascular health but it also affects movement, mood, etc. This is when Dr. Araujo wondered if a patient’s flexibility, balance and strength could be used as a measure of life expectancy. The idea of the sitting test is to raise awareness- if you tell an individual they need to get in shape, they might completely disregard this. However, if you let them know a certain way of life might lead to an early demise- you bet your bottom dollar they will hop on that treadmill and get pumping!

Sitting Test:

Grab a friend, a parent or do this on your own! Stand upright on a flat surface and without using your hands or arms, cross your legs and slowly squat down onto the floor. Once you are down on the floor slowly rise again (with legs still crossed) without using your arms to assist you. The sitting test is scored on a point scale of 1-10 (5 points for sitting, 5 more points for standing up). If you use an arm or knee to assist in balancing, you subtract one point from 10 over-all points. Also, half a point is deducted every time you lose balance!

sitting test

A healthy young person should be able to sit and stand repeatedly, without the use of hands.

Araujo discovered that people who scored below 8 points on the sitting test were twice as likely to have their longevity cut short…

Read more results on the sitting test here: The sitting test

In addition, the sitting test was only ever tested and documented on individuals over the age of 50. That being said, results for the younger generation might not determine the same data but it sure gives us an “eye-opener” on gaging our flexibility and balance. In my opinion, we should all be able to do the sitting test- no excuses! As I always say, it is never too late to change your mindset or your life #QueenofGreen!

Besides the sitting test, what are some other things you can do to stay looking and feeling young? JUICE & blend. Check out the Omega juicer- this thing ROCKS and I have had it for years. This juicer is the best investment I have ever made. As for a good blender, I use a “cheapy” and it works just as great! The Black and Decker 12 speed blender is only $23.00 and makes yummy super-smoothies 🙂

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  • natural teeth whitening gel

Natural Teeth Whitening Gel – Homemade “Organic”

Natural teeth whitening gel how-to, this is SO simple!! 
Today I will be touching on how to make your own natural teeth whitening gel from only three ingredients. You can do this protocol 3x a week until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. However, don’t go overboard- you do not want to inflame your gum tissue!

I wrote this natural teeth whitening gel recommendation on my blog because other whitening products such as “Crest White Strips” are dangerous. Saccharin, an ingredient in many whitening strip products (Crest), is one of the TOP 4 most dangerous sweeteners being used on the market. The link between saccharin and bladder cancer has contributed to saccharin being the most investigated of all artificial sweeteners- yuck!

I personally have not used any whitening products since high school. When I began drinking green smoothies in the AM, this actually made my teeth pretty white and healthy looking on their own. Always remember- bright, crisp veggies contain a lot of oxygen. Oxygen is phenomenal for our bodies, especially when it comes to healing illness.

Most recently, I noticed that my smile was not as bright as usual. I attribute this change to adding some animal protein back into my diet. Animal protein can be a bit acidic, causing our smile to become lackluster. Although I have since discontinued this, I wanted a natural teeth whitening gel solution to brighten me back up again! Please read below for my natural teeth whitening gel recipe and be on your way to a safer, natural teeth whitening gel alternative 🙂

Natural Teeth Whitening Gel Recipe:

What goes in:

1 tsp of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
2 tsp Bob Red Mills Baking Soda (Aluminum-Free)
3-4 drops Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Mixing Your Natural Teeth Whitening Gel…

Take a little bowl and add your all-natural baking soda, the 3% hydrogen peroxide (you can find this at your local health food store- it MUST be food grade), and your veggie glycerin (food grade). Stir this mixture with a spoon and voila!- you have your natural teeth whitening gel. You may spread this mixture onto your teeth directly and cover with a cheap rubber mouth guard to protect and allow activation (about 4-5 minutes) OR you can just brush with this mixture. This might be more of a paste consistency at first but if it works- it works 😀

natural teeth whitening gel

Natural teeth whitening gel consistency.

Remember commercial whitening gel kits contain 10% to 20% hydrogen peroxide- so be patient with your “natural teeth whitening gel” results. After using my natural teeth whitening gel mixture I saw results after the second time. I can post a before and after photo for your viewing pleasure!

natural teeth whitening gel

Me on the left (teeth looking a bit lackluster). Me again on the right- after 2x natural teeth whitening gel!

Short on time? Don’t feel like making your own natural teeth whitening gel? Activated charcoal OR Eco Dent Extra Brite Tooth Whitener both work FAB!

natural teeth whitening gel

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  • Organic Perfume


Organic perfume- I do, do you? I’m so excited about this blog! Do you love warm, soft scents such as vanilla and cinnamon? I am a huge fan of “dessert” scented perfumes and I am happy to announce- I have found my top three favorite brands and they do not disappoint. These three perfumes are perfect for every day use or that special night out when you want to feel extra feminine and exhilarated. Organic, all-natural perfume is much safer than the store brands containing unsafe toxins, which put our bodies at risk for illness. The following three scents are organic, vegan and gluten-free…

Organic Perfume Queen’s Top Three:


Island Vanilla Scent-Oh MAN, is this scent unbelievably delicious! I put this organic perfume as my #1 because of the many compliments I have received while adorning its sweet and sultry notes of honey-jasmine with a touch of fruitiness. Pacifica organic perfume are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free- wonderful for all the healthful people in your life. These organic perfumes are also blended using essential oils, which are medicinal and keep us looking and feeling youthful. This vanilla organic perfume is perfect for the “hard to buy for” person in your life- they WILL not be disappointed!


Scrumptious and sweet- this essential oil organic perfume blend comes in at #2! Nothing really beats homemade perfume and this one smells like your grandmother’s cookies! Auric vanilla blend is created with a combination of imported all-natural perfume ingredients from around the world. This specific organic perfume fragrance is a sweet vanilla supported by musk, muguet and light fruity touches at the surface. If you are looking for a more “spiritually stimulating” scent- than Auric Blends will be your “go to” all-natural perfume! You can purchase Auric Blends on Amazon.com and SAVE.

Organic Perfume

Auric Blends Vanilla


Organic Perfume #3- Lavanila Pure Vanilla. Whoo-weee is this organic perfume scent phenomenal! This scent is warm, pure and inviting. Touted the “perfect vanilla scent”- Lavanila collaborates a sexy blend of pure madagascar vanilla, sheer freesia and creamy tonka bean. I would describe this organic vanilla perfume to be a rich and romantic scent- perfect for a date night out with your loved one. Lavanila crafts their organic perfumes with a unique blend of pure essential oils which they say “capture mood, memory and a moment in time”. After spritzing this glorious scent onto myself following a warm shower- I would tend to agree!

Organic Perfume

Lavanila Laboratories

**This company (Lavinila) also sells my favorite all-natural organic deodorant in Pure Vanilla. This organic deodorant not only keeps the funk away but prevents sweat from returning! Lavanila’s deodorant gets my Queen of Green stamp of approval!**

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  • Cellsafe

iPhone Radiation Dangers – Protect Yourself!

iPhone Radiation Dangers have become a real concern and after I experienced some unpleasant side-effects, I took action to protect my body. When I first got an iPhone a few years back, I used the device for about a week prior to returning it. From what I can recall, my wrist began to hurt and tingle. Because of this, I decided to go back to my regular flip-phone. About 2 years later, I gave the iPhone a second chance and again-experienced more unpleasant side effects. This time around, I became curious of the iPhones EMF levels in comparison to my flip phone. The results proved to be a bit disturbing- where my flip phone registered a 0.1, my iPhone jumped to 14.0 something(at the highest). In addition, I also felt like I had been gaining weight. Now, I can’t really explain this “weight phenomenon” but what I can tell you is that electro magnetic chaos AKA iPhone radiation dangers can certainly manifest in a slew of different unusual symptoms. Not only that but I certainly was not the first to google “Is my iPhone making me fat?”!

iPhone Radiation Dangers and Electro Magnetic Chaos

What exactly is “electro magnetic chaos?” Pretty simple- electronic devices produce large levels of positive ions. These ions suppress our immune system leading us towards symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and yes- even weight gain. Don’t believe me? Try this experiment: Go to a laundromat and sit yourself down in front of all the actively running dryers. Do this for just 25 minutes and notice how you feel physically. Then take notice to how you feel for the remainder of the day- you will find a significant difference in your energy levels! Although it would be impossible to eliminate all the EMF’s, we can certainly work to protect ourself by neutralizing their effects. Truth is, over exposure to electronic devices DOES cause illness – take a look at the following symptoms linked to EMF’s…

-Fatigue, stress and sleep problems
-Skin issues such as facial prickling, burning sensations and skin rashes
-Aches and pains in the muscles and joints
-Foggy thinking and depression
-Ear nose and throat symptoms including problems with digestion

iPhone Radiation Dangers

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself? Reduce, Eliminate & Neutralize!

Do the above symptoms sound familiar? If so- don’t fret! There are things you can do to help eliminate the above by neutralizing these negative energies. One amazing product I have discovered- the Cellsafe Anti-Radiation iPhone Case. Let me just tell you how much this product ROCKS! The silicon case reduces and absorbs up to 98% of EMF’s put off by your iPhone. Cellsafe technology is pretty amazing and works by directing EMF’s away from the head and body. After purchasing the Cellsafe Case, my third time around with the iPhone went much better than previous attempts. See, I lead a pretty on-the-go lifestyle and the iPhone provided me with a great up-to-date GPS and fast internet-which I loved. With my Cellsafe Case I noticed a significant reduction in some of the past side effects I had experienced. That’s the great thing about EMF eliminators- the symptoms can vanish just as fast as they arrived! Instead of purchasing my Cellsafe from the actual website – I got mine for the iPhone 5 on Amazon.com at a reduced price($10 off). I love all the colors and feel much better physically and mentally knowing that I am proactive in protecting myself. If your not into cases- there are plenty of other options as well: the eLink (a necklace), Q-link (button for the iPhone). There are also EMF eliminators in sticker form you can slide behind your iPhone case. All of these options work in a similar fashion and I can’t think of a better gift to give this holiday season then an EMF protection device for family and friends!

iPhone Radiation Dangers

To Close Out – Some additional Queen of Green Tips…

-I always put my cell on airplane mode at bedtime. If you do not take this extra step the towers are constantly seeking a signal, keeping you from getting the proper nights sleep you deserve! If you leave your cellphone on during sleep- you are being affected.
-Turn off your bluetooth (this increases SAR levels)- a contributing factor to iPhone radiation dangers.
-Utilize your speaker phone always. Do not hold your phone to your head unless absolutely necessary.
-Purchase and place your EMF device next to your bed stand at night.

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Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes | GF and Vegan

Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes that are gluten-free & vegan!

Goodness gracious, these pumpkin-cinna pancakes are sweet, savory and super moist! Free of gluten and cane sugar, these pumpkin hotcakes are the perfect holiday treat. Even better, no complicated ingredients required – just a big mixing bowl and some fab holiday tunes!

Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes Recipe:
Here we go…

Time: 20 Min

Servings: 3-4 pumpkin-cinna pancakes, depending on how ravenous you are!


· ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk + 1 Tbsp lemon juice

· 1 Tbsp grape seed oil

· ½ tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract

· 1 scoop organic raw stevia (70mg)

· 1 Tbsp maple syrup

· 1/3 cup organic pumpkin puree

· 1 tsp baking powder

· ½ tsp baking soda

· pinch himalayan sea salt

· 1-2 tsp organic cinnamon

· pinch of cardamom

· 1 cup GF flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill brand).

Follow The Instructions:

1. Combine your almond milk and lemon juice with a whisk. Add the grape seed oil, stevia, maple syrup, vanilla extract and pumpkin puree.

2. Add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and sea salt to the wet mixture. Whisk this very well until batter is smooth.

3. Turn on your burner to medium-low heat and oil your pan with some avocado or safflower oil (coconut oil would be another great option). Flip the hot cakes when

you see bubbles appear- edges should turn a golden brown.

4. Plate pumpkin cinnamon pancakes and top with some Earth Balance butter and drizzle with maple syrup.

Enjoy <3

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Vitamin B Deficiency Causing Your Anxiety? B Proactive!

Vitamin B – Read on…

Think having a lack of vitamin B in the body isn’t a big deal?-Think again. If you are vegetarian or vegan, experiencing an abnormal amount of stress or drink too many cocktails- these are just a few of the reasons you may be lacking in B vitamins. Further more, if you are vegan or vegetarian, do not assume you would have experienced symptoms right at the beginning of your “non-meat” journey. A vitamin deficiency can be slow to develop over time and can intensify significantly. It is crucial for anyone experiencing symptoms to take affirmative action. Adding vitamin B into the diet can save your brain and your mental state- building nutrients back up and allowing you to function again! Please read the following facts…

#1. Vegan & Vegetarian Diet

A vegan or vegetarian diet does put the body at high-risk for a vitamin B 12 deficiency. As I stated above it is slow to develop but once symptoms worsen we can experience anything from bruising on the skin to tingling in the limbs. Many vegans hop on board without knowing that plants do not contain b12- the only foods that do are animal based. Whats worse, is that with the new “gluten-free” lifestyle many have cut out grains. Unfortunately, these grains provided us with fortified B vitamins- vital for a healthy, functioning body. That being said, if you don’t plan on adding grains back in- I strongly urge you to begin supplementing with a high-quality, whole foods vitamin B. My favorite brand: “Mega-Food”- sells a great vitamin b complex. Check them out here.


Ahhh! Stress sucks doesn’t it? Not only does stress mess with our bodies big time but it also rapidly breaks down our vitamin B supply. Are you experiencing anxiety, shallow breathing, panic attacks? If so- vitamin B might just be the answer! Taking a vitamin B supplement or eating foods containing vitamin B allows for the synthesis of tryptophan into serotonin. I’m sure we have all heard of serotonin but if not, this “neurotransmitter” holds a vital role in regulating not only our mood but our sleep and energy levels as well. Taking b complex can start to improve feelings of stress right away leaving you in a more relaxed and peaceful state. You might also consider some daily breathing exercises to help ease your worry.

#3. Balance/Lightheadedness

Are you told by a doctor you get up too fast? Or maybe you keep seeing an ear, nose and throat doctor to find answers for your dizzy spells? What if I told you vitamin B might just be your remedy? Maybe you are thinking you cant possibly have a deficiency in B vitamins because you eat plenty of meat- well I am here to plead the 5th! As we get older our bodies do not hold on to nutrients like they once did. In fact some of us don’t even have the ability to absorb it properly due to other contributing factors. Instead of going to the doctor and starting any pharmaceutical drug to help your condition- please consider a vitamin B supplement first. The national health and nutrition examination survey estimated that 3.2% of adults over the age of 50 have a seriously low B12 level and up to 20% may have borderline deficiency- definitely something to consider.

#4. Irritability & Mood Disorders

A lack in vitamin B can 100% lead to mental health problems! If you are feeling irritable or uneasy- the culprit could simply be “B”! Did you know that many individuals suffering from phobias and mood disorders are deficient in B complex? Symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and emotional instabilities could all start improving immediately if you take action. I recommend B-complex versus B12, as it contains a full range of 8 distinct vitamins. These vitamins are made up of enzymes, co-enzymes, and co-factors – which collaborate together creating their “healing” biologic effects for our body. When purchasing a vitamin B supplement, stick to a whole-foods based brand- which is better absorbed by the body and much more healthful then synthetic forms laced with magnesium stearate!

B Vitamin Benefits

B Vitamin Benefits

In addition to this article, when experiencing any anxiety- remember to keep sugar intake low. Whether it be natural sugars from fruit or cane sugar in desserts, during times of distress cutting down on it can make all the difference in the world!

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