​Get Your “Fruit & Veggie-Induced” Tan On!

​Get Your “Fruit & Veggie-Induced” Tan On!

Feeling pale? I encourage you to read the following, as you prep to create your beautifully glowing – “fruit & veggie” inspired tan…

Living here on the East Coast, the winter is “prime-time” for most ladies to hit the tanning beds for a bake session. Not only is this practice dangerous but as we already know, it will age your skin over time, with the possibility of creating fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, a UV-tan is temporary. Once it fades, you will be left to deal with the damage. So why not get that glow another way – the “Queen of Green way!”

Maybe it’s just me but who says we need a tan to look good? You can achieve a similar glow by juicing first thing in the AM. The morning is an especially crucial time for those nutrients to be the very first thing hitting your blood stream. With that being said, back away from the sprouted toast and oatmeal on those chilly mornings and prep that juicer!

My secret? I make it a point to incorporate lots of carotene-rich foods into my juice and smoothie blends. After a short time, I promise you will begin to see a very significant difference in the appearance of your “glow-factor”. So, this holiday season, save your pennies my friends and hop on the juice craze! We all want to look healthful and vibrant when we see our loved ones – just another reason to get juicing.

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Not too sure you believe my fruit and veggie style tan is the way to go? Recently, an experimental psychologist at Bristol, conducted five-day trials which were run on those who consumed a “5-a-day” diet of beta carotene rich foods and those who spent a few hours out in the sun. His findings showed that more people preferred the warm natural glow that developed from the food as opposed to the darker tan that results from sun expose. With that being said, enjoy your life while glowing “naturally”.

Glow Darlin’ Glow

The following is my list of skin enhancing fruits & veggies:


-Butternut Squash



-Orange and Red bell peppers

-Pumpkin (I always add this to my green drinks!)




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