Dry brushing in the AM or PM before a shower awakens the body, increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system! If you want to look younger, feel younger and experience more energy – read the following on dry brushing…

Queen of Green

We all know how nice a woman’s hair looks after it has been brushed- right? You can do the exact same thing, every single day, for your skin.

Have you ever taken notice to how people “glow” more when they start a new workout regime? Well, this glow appears from the increased blood flow throughout the body and you can mimic that same glow by dry brushing daily. To achieve an increased flush of color to your bod & learn some of the magnificent benefits of dry brushing- read below…

1. Dry brushing can significantly reduce cellulite.
2. Dry brushing exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells off.
3. Dry brushing will give you younger looking skin.
4. Increased energy.
5. Improved immunity.
4. Stimulates and detoxifies the lympathic system.
6. Reduces ingrown hairs.
7. Boosts skin elasticity.
8. Daily dry brushing will fade stretch marks & scarring.

Dry brushing is a quick and easy routine I recommend adding into your day for improved health. I bought my dry brush from Target in the health aisle – a similar one to mine can be found here.

Many other styles of “dry-brushes” found here.

How To:
Dry brushing is simple! Take your dry brush and gently brush the skin in a circular motion. Brush from your neck to your toes (this can feel quite relaxing- similar to a massage).
Always remember to dry brush prior to taking your shower!

Follow the “brush stroke” pattern shown in the photo below…

Queen of Green - Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing Motion

Xo- QoG