Recently, I’ve been in-boxed a slew of questions on my FB surrounding the blog article that went viral on oil pulling using coconut oil. This ancient technique (dating back 3,000 years ago) works to heal illnesses, whiten teeth, resolve stubborn acne and clear most toxins from the body. What are my personal thoughts on oil pulling?- It works! I was into oil pulling a few years back when a friend of mine tried it and eradicated the cavity in her mouth. Her dentist claimed it was “miraculous” and that the tooth had “re-mineralized”!

I recommend to clients “cold-pressed” Nutiva Coconut Oil in the mouth for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to spit the oil into a trash can or toilet upon finishing, as the oil will clog your sink drain over-time. After you have oil-pulled you may brush your teeth OR rinse with salt water (use pink sea salt).

Quick Oil Pulling Q&A

How long?
15 minutes is fine. If you can do 20- great! First thing in the AM before you eat or drink ANYTHING- this includes water.

How Much?
1 TBSP. *Swish, swish, swish!*

What kind of oils? What if I am allergic to coconut?

You may use sesame oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil… basically, any cold-pressed organic oil that you like. Personally, I feel sesame oil is the best option due to it’s incredible health benefits.

Sesame Oil-Organic Flora Inc 8.5 oz Liquid

I can’t swallow?

Do not swallow any of the oil once it has been swished in your mouth. The oil pulls toxins from the body and becomes rancid. Additionally, do not gargle the oil.

I feel nauseous and experience a slight headache – Is this okay?

Yes! Oil pulling removes toxins from deep within our bodies tissues and also re-activates our enzymes. You may experience some detox symptoms. Be sure to eat clean throughout the time-frame you are oil pulling. This will help to cleanse the body during the oil pulling process.

How soon will I see results with oil pulling?

A few weeks to a months time – be patient! 🙂

What illnesses has oil pulling been reported to heal?…

Queen of Green

My hair & teeth a few years back(below) – I feel the oil pulling definitely gave me a good “glow”! I do not whiten my teeth, so, anyone looking for alternative options- this is a good way to go.

Oil Pulling

Queen of Green