Are you ready to learn how to get softer skin in time for summer? Well, it’s time to gain back control from these cold and drying winter months! Below I will list four tips that will help to re-plump your body’s moisture content from the inside-out in preparation for those short-shorts and beach-side picnics. The following are my four best tips to acheiving softer skin…

1. A shot of aloe first thing in the AM.

Just like lotion moisturizing our bodies externally, there are many teqniques that may be utilized to moisturize us internally allowing for softer skin. Aloe, specifically being an emollient with very high water content, targets the skin layers promoting moisture helping to re-hydrate and repair. For improved hydration of the skin cells- take a shot of aloe vera juice first thing in the AM, allowing it to hit the blood stream and go to work for your body. Another added bonus of aloe?- it is chocked full of vitamins C & E- which equals softer skin!

2. What’s the deal with collagen supplements?- They work!

Skin moisture increased, reduction of skin roughness and softer skin- like how this sounds? Well, I did too! The above are all wonderful benefits of how collagen supports the dermal layers of the skin. Collagen supplements not only help to improve the body’s moisture when taken internally but double as an anti-aging supplement. When your body is more hydrated, you appear younger- with a fountain of youth glow! Try a collagen supplement combined with ceramides which binds the skin cells together, contributing to even more hydration support- not to mention softer skin.

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3. Omega 3’s

From chia and spirulina to fish oil, we have all heard of the miraculous benefits that omega 3’s have on our skin’s appearance. Consuming these healthful fats on a daily basis will not only maintain the skin wall structures but provide us with increased moisture to the cells internally. On top of that, omega 3’s have also been shown to make our bodies less sensitive to UV rays while significantly lowering our body’s inflammatory responses. Use omega rich seaweed to wrap homemade sushi or sprinkle walnuts over a baked apple for a sweet crunchy treat!

4. Water filled fruits & veggies for softer skin..

“Water”-melon. Yes, indeed, fruits and vegetables with high water content are ideal for moisturizing your body inside and out. Shoot for juicy produce and be sure to consume it throughout the day in your juices, green-drinks and snacks. You may even find you do not need to drink as much H20 because you will be receiving an increased level of it through your foods! Curious to know which veggies and fruits contain the highest water content? Stick to those that give you the most “juice” when you put them through your juicer. Foods such as watermelon or celery are ideal- watermelon holding up to 92% water!

Be sure to follow the above religiously because they are my best tips to acheiving “softer skin”. Please leave any questions or comments below!

XoX- QoG