All-Natural Powder Foundation:
Get excited ladies!- For I have found the BEST all-natural powder foundation on the market. Honeybee Gardens natural powder foundation is fit for a queen! This makeup’s silky finish and lasting power works identically to some of the highest quality department store powders out there. The only difference-it doesn’t contain those nasty, age-promoting chemicals! Think about it, your face is your calling card and everything you slather onto your skin gets absorbed into the body, affecting everything from your hormones to your health. Honeybee Gardens has always been diligent in creating all-natural products while leaving behind all “un-natural” ingredients. Their mission lands them with my “Queen of Green” seal of approval for the second time in a row!

The Deets:
The very first time I tried this natural foundation powder I was sold! The talc-free formulation is not only healthy for the skin but is long-lasting and creates a silky finish unmatched by any natural powders I have tried. Honeybee’s Natural Powder Foundation can be worn alone or layered on top of your favorite liquid foundation. I have used this powder in my own personal photo shoots and find that the minerals reflect the light well- creating a fresh, beautiful glow on the skin. This natural powder foundation comes in 5 different shades but because of it’s high demand, more shades have been created and are soon to hit health food stores near you. Heck, if Whole Foods sells it- you know it’s phenomenal! My two favorite shades are “Supernatural” & “Luminous”- both can be purchased with free shipping on Amazon here.

Natural Powder Foundation

Pressed Powder in “Supernatural”

Added benefits:
I have noticed a huge change in my complexion since using Honeybee Gardens Natural powder foundation. Because of this shift in my skin, I took a deeper look into the powders ingredients. The powder itself contains aloe leaf extract and cucumber extract– enzymes which have been clinically proven for tools in anti-aging and complexion restoration. Not to mention this products ability to reduce and eliminate shine for hours on end! I think it’s clear to see why I and many others have fallen in love with this natural powder foundation. To top it all off, Honeybee is bizzzzy creating liquid foundations as well- which I have no doubt will be fabulous. I love this company for everything they stand for- 5 stars all the way!

Natural Foundation Powder

Current Color Chart

Bonus: Along with these luxurious powders, you can also purchase a sleek reusable silver compact. These compacts are small and portable, allowing for quick and easy application on the go. Any shade simply magnetizes into the compact and will not budge- no more broken powders from faulty adhesive backings!!

Natural Powder Foundation

Magnetic Compact w/Puff

**Please check out to learn more about their fantastic products & ingredients!**
-Queen of Green XO