Organic Sunscreen:
I am so excited about the topic I am about to blog about this morning!- For two reasons: 1. I want to broaden the awareness of how crucial it is to wear an all-natural organic sunscreen on the body. 2. I have found an incredibly efficient, 100% natural and ORGANIC sunscreen that tops them all! “Goddess Garden Organics” hits the mark when it comes to an all-natural “good for our body” moisturizing organic sunscreen. After trying out this new formulation in sunny Miami Florida this past week, I fell in love and am confident you will too- read on…

Overview: Using an all-natural organic sunscreen is vital, especially when we are out in the sun. On warm days, our bodies absorb the sunlight and sweat out toxins. Because of this, we want to stay away from toxic sunscreens (such as Coppertone), that gets absorbed into our skin, causing chemicals to build up within our precious organs. Getting our vitamin D should be a healthful experience and not one where we put our bodies at a chemical risk. I always tell my clients, “Anything you would not put into your mouth, you should not allow on your body”- a crucial fact to keep in mind when purchasing any personal care items. The good news- we now have so many great companies out there who are successful in making positive changes for our health! Goddess Garden Organics is one of these companies and they have created a magnificent product. This all-natural organic sunscreen is light and creamy with no greasy residue. This is one of the first organic sunscreens I have tried without that sticky, thick-residue that is left behind after application by most brands. In addition, the ingredients get my “Queen of Green” seal of approval 100%! It also contains nourishing ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E and lavender oil (just to name a few). This organic sunscreen is sure to please even the choosiest of health buffs!

organic sunscreen

Goddess Garden’s healthy formulation goes on super smooth and leaves a buttery soft finish on the skin. It’s powerful protection lasts up to 40 minutes (I personally felt it lasted much longer), as the healthful ingredients it contains are “natural” UV repellents. This broad-spectrum organic sunscreen is also water resistant with no unpleasant odors. I find the scent to be fresh and inviting and the design of the packaging is clean and green! I don’t think I could ask for much more in a product and I myself, along with my family, were fully impressed by the quality and long-lasting effects exuded by this organic sunscreen. On my most recent journey, I visited the everglades and found myself on a boat in the sun for a good few hours of time. That morning, I had lightly coated my face, neck, arms and legs in the “Sunny Face” SPF 30. I was pleasantly surprised to see no sunburn or discomfort after significant time under direct sunlight. Goddess Gardens Organics is my new “go to” for a broad spectrum, natural SPF and it packs a powerful protective punch for even the most sensitive skin types. There are no rashes, hives or discomfort of any kind brought on by this tube-making it ideal for kids. In addition, this new “lighter” formulation is also ideal for application under makeup.

organic sunscreen

My sister and I – Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours!

In closing: If you are looking to switch over to an all-natural organic sunscreen, Goddess Garden Organics is the brand to go with. When switching over to natural alternatives, I personally like to recommend products that apply well and are effective in just the same way as the drugstore products which people have become so accustomed to. Please bare in mind, the toxic ingredients in traditional sunscreens have been medically proven to cause more harm then good. In fact, these popular brands, such as “Banana Boat” disrupt the body’s hormone flow and increase cancer risk. I have realized, if I can find all-natural products that work in the exact same way as these older popular brands, the transition is so easy. It also feels amazing to know you are doing something great for your long-term health. It’s wonderful that the world is becoming more aware of the toxins that are contained in supposed “healthy” items such as drugstore sunscreens, makeup, deodorants etc. and I urge you to make the change today for a better tomorrow. You can purchase this organic sunscreen on HERE or at your local health food store 🙂 Please click below to check out more Goddess Garden Organics products and to learn more about their line of organic sunscreen!

organic sunscreen

Additional benefits of Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen:

*Cruelty Free
*Reef Safe

Check out more ingredients:

**For a bug-resistant twist -I love mixing my organic sunscreen with Theraneem lotion to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay!

5 Stars all the way – Queen of Green Xo