iPhone Radiation Dangers have become a real concern and after I experienced some unpleasant side-effects, I took action to protect my body. When I first got an iPhone a few years back, I used the device for about a week prior to returning it. From what I can recall, my wrist began to hurt and tingle. Because of this, I decided to go back to my regular flip-phone. About 2 years later, I gave the iPhone a second chance and again-experienced more unpleasant side effects. This time around, I became curious of the iPhones EMF levels in comparison to my flip phone. The results proved to be a bit disturbing- where my flip phone registered a 0.1, my iPhone jumped to 14.0 something(at the highest). In addition, I also felt like I had been gaining weight. Now, I can’t really explain this “weight phenomenon” but what I can tell you is that electro magnetic chaos AKA iPhone radiation dangers can certainly manifest in a slew of different unusual symptoms. Not only that but I certainly was not the first to google “Is my iPhone making me fat?”!

iPhone Radiation Dangers and Electro Magnetic Chaos

What exactly is “electro magnetic chaos?” Pretty simple- electronic devices produce large levels of positive ions. These ions suppress our immune system leading us towards symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and yes- even weight gain. Don’t believe me? Try this experiment: Go to a laundromat and sit yourself down in front of all the actively running dryers. Do this for just 25 minutes and notice how you feel physically. Then take notice to how you feel for the remainder of the day- you will find a significant difference in your energy levels! Although it would be impossible to eliminate all the EMF’s, we can certainly work to protect ourself by neutralizing their effects. Truth is, over exposure to electronic devices DOES cause illness – take a look at the following symptoms linked to EMF’s…

-Fatigue, stress and sleep problems
-Skin issues such as facial prickling, burning sensations and skin rashes
-Aches and pains in the muscles and joints
-Foggy thinking and depression
-Ear nose and throat symptoms including problems with digestion

iPhone Radiation Dangers

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself? Reduce, Eliminate & Neutralize!

Do the above symptoms sound familiar? If so- don’t fret! There are things you can do to help eliminate the above by neutralizing these negative energies. One amazing product I have discovered- the Cellsafe Anti-Radiation iPhone Case. Let me just tell you how much this product ROCKS! The silicon case reduces and absorbs up to 98% of EMF’s put off by your iPhone. Cellsafe technology is pretty amazing and works by directing EMF’s away from the head and body. After purchasing the Cellsafe Case, my third time around with the iPhone went much better than previous attempts. See, I lead a pretty on-the-go lifestyle and the iPhone provided me with a great up-to-date GPS and fast internet-which I loved. With my Cellsafe Case I noticed a significant reduction in some of the past side effects I had experienced. That’s the great thing about EMF eliminators- the symptoms can vanish just as fast as they arrived! Instead of purchasing my Cellsafe from the actual website – I got mine for the iPhone 5 on Amazon.com at a reduced price($10 off). I love all the colors and feel much better physically and mentally knowing that I am proactive in protecting myself. If your not into cases- there are plenty of other options as well: the eLink (a necklace), Q-link (button for the iPhone). There are also EMF eliminators in sticker form you can slide behind your iPhone case. All of these options work in a similar fashion and I can’t think of a better gift to give this holiday season then an EMF protection device for family and friends!

iPhone Radiation Dangers

To Close Out – Some additional Queen of Green Tips…

-I always put my cell on airplane mode at bedtime. If you do not take this extra step the towers are constantly seeking a signal, keeping you from getting the proper nights sleep you deserve! If you leave your cellphone on during sleep- you are being affected.
-Turn off your bluetooth (this increases SAR levels)- a contributing factor to iPhone radiation dangers.
-Utilize your speaker phone always. Do not hold your phone to your head unless absolutely necessary.
-Purchase and place your EMF device next to your bed stand at night.