Organic perfume- I do, do you? I’m so excited about this blog! Do you love warm, soft scents such as vanilla and cinnamon? I am a huge fan of “dessert” scented perfumes and I am happy to announce- I have found my top three favorite brands and they do not disappoint. These three perfumes are perfect for every day use or that special night out when you want to feel extra feminine and exhilarated. Organic, all-natural perfume is much safer than the store brands containing unsafe toxins, which put our bodies at risk for illness. The following three scents are organic, vegan and gluten-free…

Organic Perfume Queen’s Top Three:


Island Vanilla Scent-Oh MAN, is this scent unbelievably delicious! I put this organic perfume as my #1 because of the many compliments I have received while adorning its sweet and sultry notes of honey-jasmine with a touch of fruitiness. Pacifica organic perfume are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free- wonderful for all the healthful people in your life. These organic perfumes are also blended using essential oils, which are medicinal and keep us looking and feeling youthful. This vanilla organic perfume is perfect for the “hard to buy for” person in your life- they WILL not be disappointed!


Scrumptious and sweet- this essential oil organic perfume blend comes in at #2! Nothing really beats homemade perfume and this one smells like your grandmother’s cookies! Auric vanilla blend is created with a combination of imported all-natural perfume ingredients from around the world. This specific organic perfume fragrance is a sweet vanilla supported by musk, muguet and light fruity touches at the surface. If you are looking for a more “spiritually stimulating” scent- than Auric Blends will be your “go to” all-natural perfume! You can purchase Auric Blends on and SAVE.

Organic Perfume

Auric Blends Vanilla


Organic Perfume #3- Lavanila Pure Vanilla. Whoo-weee is this organic perfume scent phenomenal! This scent is warm, pure and inviting. Touted the “perfect vanilla scent”- Lavanila collaborates a sexy blend of pure madagascar vanilla, sheer freesia and creamy tonka bean. I would describe this organic vanilla perfume to be a rich and romantic scent- perfect for a date night out with your loved one. Lavanila crafts their organic perfumes with a unique blend of pure essential oils which they say “capture mood, memory and a moment in time”. After spritzing this glorious scent onto myself following a warm shower- I would tend to agree!

Organic Perfume

Lavanila Laboratories

**This company (Lavinila) also sells my favorite all-natural organic deodorant in Pure Vanilla. This organic deodorant not only keeps the funk away but prevents sweat from returning! Lavanila’s deodorant gets my Queen of Green stamp of approval!**