Natural teeth whitening gel that works- this is SO simple!

Today I will be touching on how to make your own natural teeth whitening gel from only three ingredients. You can do this protocol 3x a week until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. Be sure to not go overboard, as you do not want to inflame your gum tissue.

I wrote this natural teeth whitening gel blog because other whitening products such as “Crest White Strips” are dangerous. Saccharin, an ingredient in many whitening strip products (Crest), is one of the TOP 4 most dangerous sweeteners being used on the market. The link between saccharin and bladder cancer has contributed to saccharin being the most investigated of all artificial sweeteners- yuck!

I personally have not used any whitening products since high school. When I began drinking green smoothies in the AM, this actually made my teeth pretty white and healthy looking on their own. Always remember- bright, crisp veggies and fruits contain a lot of oxygen. Berries, especially strawberries, have amazing whitening abilities for our teeth. Also, increased oxygen is phenomenal for our bodies, especially when it comes to healing illness.

Most recently, I noticed that my smile was not as bright as usual. I attribute this change to adding some animal protein back into my diet. Animal protein can be a bit acidic, causing our smile to become less bright. Although I have since discontinued this, I wanted a natural teeth whitening gel solution to brighten me back up again! Please read below for my natural teeth whitening gel recipe and be on your way to a safer, natural teeth whitening gel alternative 🙂

Whitening Gel Recipe:

What goes in:

1 tsp of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
2 tsp Bob Red Mills Baking Soda (Aluminum-Free)
3-4 drops Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin

Mixing Your Natural Teeth Whitening Gel…

Take a little bowl and add your all-natural baking soda, the 3% hydrogen peroxide (you can find this at your local health food store- it MUST be food grade), and your vegetable glycerin (food grade). Stir this mixture with a spoon and voila!- you have your natural teeth whitening gel. You may spread this mixture onto your teeth directly and cover with a low-cost rubber mouth guard to protect and allow activation (about 4-5 minutes) OR you can just brush with this mixture. This might be more of a paste consistency at first but you can choose the level of thickness.

natural teeth whitening gel

Natural teeth whitening gel consistency.

Remember commercial whitening gel kits contain 10% to 20% hydrogen peroxide- so be patient with your “natural teeth whitening gel” results. After using my natural teeth whitening gel mixture I saw results after the second time. I can post a before and after photo for your viewing pleasure!

natural teeth whitening gel

Me on the left (teeth looking a bit lackluster). Me again on the right- after 2x natural teeth whitening gel!

Short on time? Don’t feel like making your own whitening gel? Activated charcoal OR Eco Dent Extra Brite Tooth Whitener both work FAB!

natural teeth whitening gel