Love Beets is such a phenomenal product and this brand impressed me so much I had to blog-it-up! Love Beets company provides some of the best beet juice I have ever had. It’s rich, smooth texture is tasty and energizing. In addition, Love Beets is devoted to what they believe in and provide a plethora of different “beet infused” drinks and food items to satisfy your palette. Love Beets is dedicated to improving the health of you and your family and what better way to start this process than by filling your blood stream with nourishing antioxidants!

Love Beets Benefits

Don’t love beets? Well you should! Beets are “superfoods” and they have the ability to miraculously heal the body. I should know- I use to wear glasses and now my vision is 20/20! I might add that those kind of healing effects come from a total body wellness turn-a-round! However, a great way to start is by adding beets into the diet and here’s why…

1. High In Vitamins & Minerals!

Are you feeling tired or run down? Well swing by your local store and grab some beet juice. Or better yet, throw some Love Beets into your morning smoothie! Organic beets are chock full of immune-enhancing vitamins such as A, B & C – not to mention a slew of other minerals such as iron, folate, manganese, potassium and copper. If you want to take less processed vitamins then hop on the Love Beets band-wagon and go for a ride!

Love Beets

My morning BEET smoothie- YUMBO!

2. Cheer Up Beetercup!

If you are feeling “low”- beets will take you high! Love Beets contain naturally occurring betaine- the same substance used in treating symptoms of depression. In addition, Love Beets also contain tryptophan, which relaxes the body, creating an all-over peace of mind. That being said- Love Beets!

Love Beets

3. Turn The Beet Around!

Love Beets amp up your energy flow by increasing your “feel-good” neurons. Be prepared to power right through your workout or have more energy to expend on your partner! Did you know in ancient Rome beets were used as an instant aphrodisiac? That’s right- beets contain elevated levels of boron, which quickly increases the production of the human sex hormone. A great excuse to make a chocolate beet-cake for dessert with your partner and have a cuddle!

Love Beets

Chocolate Beet Cake (=

4. Best For Last- Beets Cleanse The Blood

Stop worrying about long detoxes where you can’t eat and just eat some beets! Beets cleanse and detox the blood stream like no other. It’s so easy too- just start by blending or adding some beets into your salads. Doing this will serve as a tonic to your liver and I promise you will feel the difference! Another added bonus?- beets can kick cancer’s butt and work with your body to lower the acidity content in your gut. So why wait? Grab some Love Beets products ASAP and over-haul your health starting today!

Love Beets

All Time Fav: Cherry-Berry Beet Juice!

Check out to learn more about these amazing products and for some yummy heart-healthy recipes…

Don’t forget to also invest in a top-notch juicer to receive the most out of your beets while making homemade beet juice! My fav juicer brand can be found here.

Love Beets company ROCKS and gets my 2015 Queen of Green seal of approval- xo Eileen