L-arginine is my newest supplement obsession- so much so, that I had to give this amino acid its own detailed blog! I hope everyone can benefit from the following useful and effective benefits that this wonderful supplement has to offer…

L-arginine for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a very sensitive subject for men who experience this unfavorable condition. However, there are some very easy and natural ways to improve and even completely heal this situation. For most, there is an underlying reason which contributes to the restricted blood flow and rather than taking “natural” steps to help adjust this situation- we might tend to make it worse by adding prescription medicines to our regimen. It is important to stress, that any medical condition is our body’s way of asking for help. In fact, our bodies are constantly trying to repair and heal from past damage- if we allow it to do so. That being said, erectile dysfunction can be easily improved with a few great lifestyle changes and natural supplements. Read the following suggestions to start the healing process…

What medications are you taking?

Many medications from anti-depressants to allergy meds contribute to loss of proper blood flow, especially to the area where you need it the most. I have found that most men in need of medical help in this area are most times on pharmaceutical medications. It would be well-advised to consult with your doctor and implement dietary and lifestyle changes to avoid the side effects of these prescription medications. If you take this step, please be patient because most medicines build up in our body’s tissues and take time to detox back out. It could take up to a year to see full results but the more healthful you are, the faster you will see changes! The good news is- my recommendation for an L-arginine supplement usually takes immediate effect. I also coin the term “healing”, as the increased oxygen flow throughout the body really does help to eliminate toxins.



If you want your blood flow to improve, you need to get your blood circulating throughout your entire body. Work out in the AM or early afternoon. Working out in the morning sets the tone for the entire day and really improves our oxygen intake. Also, the more we push ourselves physically and the more “in-shape” we become, our bodies can enter detoxification at a much faster pace. In addition, experts have said that people who work out more often heal twice as fast. Need some help with energy? 500 to 1,000 mgs of L-arginine can help blast you through your workout!


Do not worry.

It’s important not to get too “heady” when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes when we over think health situations or stress ourselves too much, we can make a situation worse. Be confident in your body’s ability to heal. Realize that you need to improve your health and use this as a catalyst for change. Try the “emotional freedom tapping technique” to improve your mentality and belief system. Also, another wonderful benefit of L-arganine is it’s ability to diminish headaches and migraines- most times caused by stress.



Purchase L-arginine.

L-arginine is a powerhouse amino acid that pumps up our nitric oxide, leading to almost immediate improvement with our blood flow. This supplement works wonders not only for ED but for everything from improving your workout to enhancing your sex life. Jarrow makes a great L-arginine supplement that comes in a 1,000 MG tab. I like this brand because it contains no magnesium stearate or animal gelatin. NOW brand vitamin’s also has a great L-arganine supplement that can be found here. If you take 500mg- feel free to split it up by taking one in the AM after breakfast and one 30 min prior to bedtime.

Jarrow Formulas: L-Arginine 1000 mg, 100 vcaps


EAT Healthfully.

I still cringe when people continue to eat white bread. Have you researched the chemical they use to bleach white flour? If not, please read up on this. After you do, you may not be so eager to reach for the bread basket the next time you dine out. Always remember that un-natural foods contain chemicals, dyes, GMO’s and trans-fat. If you want to improve your over-all health then start to make clean, organic food choices. Fresh caught wild salmon and farm fresh eggs from free range chickens are wonderful sources of protein along with bright fruits and veggies for an ultimate diet transformation. If you are a vegan, than walnuts and seeds create the perfect release of nitric-oxide! Throw some walnuts into your smoothie to see results.


L-arginine For Anti-Aging?

That’s right! If you want to stay looking young and continue to be “wrinkle-free” then start taking some L-arginine. It has been documented that taking this amino acid 30 minutes prior to bedtime, produces HGH (human growth hormone) within the body. HGH not only slows down the aging process but can even reverse it! Additionally, L-arginine improves cardiovascular function, improves bone density and comes along with a whole slew of other wellness benefits, not to mention its ability to BURN fat and increase muscle mass.

Cautions: Be mindful when taking a supplement to follow the labeling dosages. Although it may be tempting to take large amounts of L-arginine, doing so is not conducive to maintaining good health. A little goes a long way and I only recommend 1-2 grams per day.

Hope this article is very helpful! -QoG