How To Cure Scabies FAST! Scabies Home Remedy 2016

If you have found my blog through a search engine or on my Youtube video, then I can imagine you may have been exposed to the scabies mite! This is an unfortunate event, however, with the right “healthful” steps this annoying and sometimes “hellish” skin condition is very easy to treat with my scabies home remedy 🙂

If you want your scabies home remedy to be effective, please be diligent in following all of the steps listed below. Within a few days of completing this routine- you will be back to your old self again! I have helped to assist many people with this situation and am confident in its effectiveness. Read below for my “scabies home remedy” oil recipe and learn how to cure scabies…


You must clean everything if you want the scabies home remedy to be work! Vacuum as much as you can and make sure to get everything up off the floor. Place pillows or other items that you don’t plan on washing into plastic trash bags and set aside in a closet or spare room for two weeks(no exceptions). For women, wipe down the outside of your makeup containers and freeze for a full 12 hours. Mites die if exposed to a temperature of 50C. Anything else that you can’t wash- throw it in the freezer (my shorts were very chilly) 🙂

After you vacuum, remove the bag and get rid of it! Most times, people let their vacuum sit, which allows the mites to come back out again and play- no bueno! Wipe down everything- counters, door handles, fridge handles, light switches and toilet seat and flush handle. My favorite wipes are Seventh Gen’s Thyme Wipes (Thyme oil destroys mites). Lastly, wash all of your clothes in HOT water with detergent and borax. Dry on HIGH heat and place in a sealed garbage bag for 1 week. Go to Target or Walmart and get some new comfy clothes to wear until the week is up. Also, wipe down your washer or the wet clothes can stick to mites again on their way back out!


A while back, I had found a recipe while searching the keywords “biblical cure to scabies”. It was an old tattered recipe by a doctor who cured an entire army of soldiers back in the 1800‘s. This mixture of essential oils destroys scabicides within minutes and is 100% successful. Because I have tailored this scabies home remedy to be even more effective, I charge $9.99 and it can be found HERE. *Please have anyone else you are living with or in close contact with apply this scabies home remedy mixture as well. This step must be taken or you will leave yourself vulnerable to catching it again. This oil mixture has been used on many of my clients and is a a sure-fire natural scabies treatment and scabies home remedy!

To begin, you will make this mixture and set it aside. You will remove your clothes and place them in a bag or into the washer. Then, shower your entire body with a natural coconut or neem soap. If you would like, you can make the water a bit warm, as the heat will lure the mites to the surface of your skin. Fully dry off when exiting the shower and apply this mixture the top of your head to the tips of your toes(including the scalp area, ears, face and under the nail beds). This is preferably done before bed so that you can sleep the entire night fully coated with the scabies home remedy oils. Also, it would be best to sleep in a new location. If you have a guest room, basement or spare room – try to sleep there for a few nights to avoid the old environment you were sleeping in previously. Mites die off in about 3 days without a human host, so sleeping in another location will allow for this to transpire. *Do not be alarmed if you see black dots being excreted from your body after applying the scabies home remedy oil mixture. This is considered “die off”. If possible, try to get them into a tissue and discard them into the trash!

Watch me discuss more about my scabies home remedy on my Youtube Video. This is the best explanation on how to cure scabies naturally with my scabies home remedy. It also talks about staying positive!


For this scabies home remedy to work you must cut out starches and sugar. I know this may seem like a pain but what’s even more of a nuisance is your situation. Trust me when I say- mites LOVE sugar and starches. Yes, even “natural sugar” excites these little guys and will make them conquer and divide. Please go shopping for high protein food sources. Organic eggs, avocado, greens, almonds, walnuts, cucumbers- there are so many options! A perfect day will look a little something like this: Breakfast will be two scrambled eggs in olive oil with sea salt and pepper with a side of avocado, for lunch a big green salad with lots of veggies (no carrots) and some sardines or tuna on top. Dinner can be any protein you like with steamed veggies and olive oil with lots of spices. Your healing from eating high protein food sources will happen quickly and effectively. In addition, you may have 1/2 of a low glycemic green apple per day. If you find this makes your condition worse, please wait until the second week and try again. This diet should be consumed for a time period of two full weeks to ensure “parasitic die off”.


Vitamin C throughout the day is a crucial part in your scabies home treatment. Pick up some vitamin C powder at the health food store and put 1/4 TSP in your filtered water throughout the day- up to 6,000 mg per day at the maximum. For the natural scabies treatment to be effective along with the biblical oil cure above- you need to raise your immunity back up. Chances are, if you have scabies, you have been stressed and most likely lacking the proper sleep you require. Vitamin C will boost back up your immunity and help to fight off and destroy the mites. Remember, it is not just about a clean environment but a clean healthy body on the inside as well!

Also, please purchase some garlic gel capsules (the natural alternative to ivermectin). Be sure to purchase the garlic capsules which contain gelatin as the fat helps to aid in maximum absorption of the garlic into your system. Mites hate garlic as the smell emanates throughout your skin- a great way to kill scabies naturally. You may take one in the AM and one in the PM or noon and PM. “NOW” brand garlic capsules work great! In addition, a B-complex vitamin to handle the stress is a great idea too.

There you have it! Above are my four steps to my scabies home remedy 2016. This is effective and simple to follow. Full body healing is usually seen in two weeks however, the biblical oil treatment works instantly (also see “bible cure to scabies). Lastly, Theraneem lotion by Theraneem can be used weekly as a body moisturizer to prevent you from re-catching scabies a second time. Best of luck to all and please don’t hesitate to inbox me with any questions or concerns. And remember… “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds!”

A Few Extra Rules For My Scabies Home Remedy…

NO alcohol, chocolate, vinegar, fried foods or peanuts (These contain natural mold spores)

Never use towels twice

Always put socks on after oil treatments

-Where slip-on shoes around the house after applying the natural scabies treatment oils.

-Believe deeply you will be better 🙂

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy

Scabies Home Remedy, Scabies Home Remedy