It has been such a long time since I have written a blog but I am happy to say that I am “back in action” and ready to speak on a topic that is my most requested- how to cure depression FAST and in a way that works, just as well as a prescription or better!

“How To Cure Depression FAST!”

You might wonder why I chose Rob Kardashian’s weight loss photo for this blog or what his name has to do with my “how to cure depression” recipe. Well, Rob Kardashian actually inspired me and as I watched him fall into depression last year, I knew I wanted to make a video & blog educating on this topic. Not only did I hope that Rob Kardashian would eventually seek a natural cure but I hoped it would help many other people suffering with similar depression, weight gain and feeling “lost” in life.

I want you to know that if you are suffering like Rob Kardashian from weight gain and feelings of depression-you are not alone. In fact, it might help you to know that many human beings who are sensitive to certain foods (sugar, gluten, etc.) or who cannot see a clear career path for themselves, often suffer from mood swings and depression. Part of my approach to this “how to cure depression” blog, is to make people aware that to successfully recover from depression, you need to adjust diet and lifestyle first and than you can determine the correct path to take.

With that being said, I would like to explain my “how to cure depression” blog and how this can help others like Rob Kardashian recover quickly and efficiently. This really is the best “how to cure depression” recipe and I know with persistence and support- this blog has the potential to help millions of people!!!

Please also note that with any stress, anxiety and depression, that the cause is totally individualized. The contributing factors to each soul’s feelings is unique to that person and typically, the cause can be related to anything from diet to lacking physical activity. Also, in some cases, post traumatic stress that has not been addressed.

Natural Depression Remedy “How-To”

Below I will list my top 5 steps on how to cure depression FAST + my natural depression remedy. These steps and the description that follows are crucial to quickly and efficiently addressing your sadness and overcoming your temporary condition. These steps on how to cure depression have been used by many of my clients throughout the past several years and I am very confident in its effectiveness.

#1. Slowly Eliminate And Cut Back On Prescription & Non-Prescription Drugs

When Rob Kardashian became depressed, I did at one point hear that he had tried medication. Unfortunately, prescription medication hinders our immune system and can cause not only weight gain but a slew of other unpleasant side-effects (acne, hair-loss, histamine reactions and anxiety). Anything that is not a natural approach will only band-aid a problem. It is unlikely that a chemical pill, processed in a factory, could ever benefit our long-term health. In my “how to cure depression” recipe, I will list the a natural antidepressant supplement and a super-juice that has been proven to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Because I have personally written down all the steps on how to cure depression fast, I charge $9.99 for this and it can be found HERE.

#2. Transdermal Magnesium (Magnesium Oil) & Water

Where do I even begin? Tons of people in this world are lacking proper magnesium consumption and this mineral alone can be the cure to so many different bodily ails. If you’re reading this and have already tried a magnesium supplement in pill form- think twice. In medical research, it is only when magnesium is applied topically onto the skin, where it passes through the fatty tissue, that DHEA levels are raised. Because lowered DHEA levels are connected to depression, this simple supplement can CHANGE your LIFE! Find the proper dosing instructions and brands that I recommend listed on my “how to cure depression” recipe below. In addition, I beg of you to drink the proper water amounts throughout the day! Doing this, in combination with magnesium will help you greatly, even if you are still taking a medication.

#3. The Food You Eat Is KEY! White Flour Is the Devil

If you don’t know, I am telling you now- do NOT consume sugar, white flour, dairy or anything containing aspartame. I couldn’t help but notice that Rob Kardashian ’s sister, Kim, would rip open packets of Sweet & Low (containing aspartame) into her beverages on the show. Although this outwardly did not effect Kim’s weight, it 100% could have affected Rob’s. See, it’s unfortunate because we trust the FDA to make good decisions concerning what is put out onto the market. In my opinion almost every disease is related to one word: TOXICITY. Foods like the above listed are so toxic. Including but not limited to the chemical that is used to bleach white flour. Not only does this chemical cause weight gain but depression and inflammation as well. Be smart and read your food ingredients!

#4. B Complex and Herbals: Your Internal Entry Way To Happiness

A specific herb and B complex will naturally cure your depression. Time and time again I have done this for people and within days their mood is elevated and they feel back to normal! B complex is amazing and most people do not even realize they need this vitamin daily (most times, 2x daily). Rob Kardashian, for example, was shown drinking tons of liquor on the earlier episodes of the Kardashian’s. Not only did this get in the way of his relationship (no one makes good decisions when they drink) but drinking large amounts of alcohol rapidly break down your bodies B vitamins, leading to feelings of sorrow and depression. Once the bodies B vitamins are replenished- depression becomes a thing of the past. In addition to this, I have a herbal supplement that will be included in my “how to cure depression” recipe. I highly recommend this supplement and personally feel it is a miracle!

#5. Intense Bursts of Quick Exercise and Stress Reducing Techniques

Not a fan of working out? Awesome! Then this last step is for you. Intense busts of fast physical activity have been proven to knock out depression instantly. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is try it. I have done this myself and not only do I look better but I feel better right away. I enjoy a Youtube video on this and encourage you to watch HERE and HERE. Also, practice stress reducing techniques. Note that as Rob Kardashian fell in love with Blac Chyna, he became happier and more hopeful. Why? Because intimate relationships and love instantly boost our serotonin levels, leading to feelings of warmth and happiness – Go Rob!

“How To Cure Depression” Recipe: Click HERE to purchase my “how to cure depression” recipe. This includes the above items plus the herbal cure & withdrawal juice with additional dosing instructions and I charge $9.99. I encourage you to purchase this and follow what is recommended. I have worked a long time to help people change their lives and I want to continue to spread my health knowledge. What better way to turn over a new leaf than with your mood and lifestyle choices? Let us all follow Rob Kardashian in 2016 and lose weight while feeling healthier than ever! This natural “how to cure depression” recipe is KEY, God Bless!

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How To Cure Depression, How To Cure Depression, How To Cure Depression