How To Stay Young Forever…

Personality says a lot about an individual and in this life, you can either radiate a loving, warm energy which promotes youth and longevity or you can be what some refer to as an “energy drainer”. You know the type! The kind of person who always complains about what is “going wrong” instead of all the blessings they have and what is going RIGHT!

In this blog, I am going to touch on some simple steps to feel and stay looking young forever. Read it, let it soak in and know that you are the most important and beautiful person around!

#1. Care about your body! Eat beautiful, bright foods and fall in love with being a positive light in others lives. Avoid sugar (it ages you) and be sure to exercise because if you don’t take the time to do so, nobody else will do it for you!

#2. Avoid people who complain often of how old they feel. Chances are, that energy will pull you in the wrong direction and make you feel old also. How do you change this? -surround yourself with people who feel and act young, both inside and out! LIVE BY THIS RULE 🙂

#3. Get your blood pumping every day, no matter how lazy you might feel. For the ladies, PMS can be a b*tch but what’s worse is not moving the body to oxygenate that acidity brought on by hormones. We all know the feeling, but just remember that when you start moving around, you will immediately gain more energy for the things you love to do. No one ever felt worse after a nice sweaty cardio sesh!

#4. Take time and write down wonderful future goals for (a week from now, a few months, a few years). When we have things to look forward to we feel fulfilled and each day becomes a joyous experience. Hold yourself accountable for your goals. Always have something new and exciting to share with your friends and family. I remember when I started my career, my boyfriend would lovingly ask me what all I had accomplished during the week when he returned. I looked forward to this because it pushed me to achieve more and more. Love life, and it will love you.

#5. Allow yourself to be lavish every so often! Whether this means buying a beautiful new outfit or getting an expensive organic pedicure while savoring some dark chocolate (sweetened with honey)- this will make you feel relaxed, calm and youthful! You can find me doing this every so often and I enjoy every moment of it! Including the trashy gossip magazines in the salon 😉

#6. On a daily basis, drink water and eat any superfoods your heart desires! Want a bowl of dark antioxidant rich cherries with some raw chocolate?-go for it! Indulge as you please but do this in moderation. Every so often, I enjoy a few sips of fine white wine, but I rarely finish the glass. I do not believe in getting drunk, although I might be a bit more cheery because of it!

#7. Flow with life and enjoy every moment! Yes, life has ups and downs but as one of my best friends let me know many times, this is the “life cycle” and you can’t possibly enjoy the “highs” AS MUCH, if you do not experience some lows. I can relate to this, especially in my career. So many “no, this won’t work or that won’t work”. It can, It WILL, It has. Just go with the flow and life will become much easier for you.

#8. Keep a close circle of lively, intelligent and fun individuals around you at all times and do not settle for anything less. I love to love and spend time with my best friends. Half the time when I go to see one of my best friends from high school, we end up talking the entire time and forget that we had even planned to watch a movie! Surround yourself with intriguing people that fascinate you and nourish your brain cells!

#9. Be “spur-of-the-moment”! When you take off on a random adventure with a loved one or even by yourself, this keeps the body feeling alive and young. I have been known to take off on random trips or visit fun places on a moments notice. Although, I am sure by now, this does not surprise my friends or family. I am always doing something new and fun and I also love demo’ing new high-end products in stores and chatting with people I have never met before!

#10. Don’t sulk or be negative. Trust me when I say, this is a complete waste of time! When things go wrong, think about all the things that have gone right and then think of how your current situation will move in that same direction also. You know what I call a person who always complains?- a “nega-tron”. Do not be this person, no one likes a nega-tron and you will begin to bore people!

#11. Take time to be beautiful! Wake up each morning and drink a big glass of water with a spritz of lemon. Splash cold water on your face to stimulate blood flow and glowing, rosy cheeks! For the women, go get your hair done at a fancy salon. Highlights to accentuate your features and be sure to watch your figure. Fortunately, it is impossible to feel both fabulous and depressed at the same time! Click here for natural makeup: Honeybee Gardens on Amazon

#12. Treat yourself! Take an afternoon or a few hours on a weekend to purchase something you have always wanted. Maybe a large pair of shiny earrings or a specialty perfume scented with cinnamon and vanilla. Haven’t received enough flowers in your life?- buy a bouquet of those too! Taking time for yourself and being frivolous will make you feel happy and special and we all deserve to feel special.

#13. Please never say your “too old” to do something. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have heard people say and it is simply not true! As we know by now, our minds are powerful tools and just like science has proven- you are your thoughts. Also, I’m pretty sure that the late 96 year old Jack LaLanne washed this “too old” theory right down the drain! Jack, along with other amazing people like Paul McCarthy and Christy Brinkley, understand that age is just a NUMBER and not something that should ever hold us back. So, instead of saying “I’m too old for that” say “I would love too!”

#14. Live how you want to LIVE and not how other people say you should. The biggest mistake people make is always asking other people for their opinions and advise. Why do we do this? Because we are unsure of ourselves and have relied on others too often in life to make decisions for us. For me personally, when I broke away from my mothers beliefs and “rules” on things, my personal life and career sky rocketed! Does this mean all her recommendations were bad? Not at all, but some of them did not coincide with my belief system or future goals. Follow the beat of your own drum because God created this for you to manifest wonderful things!

#15. Always make a “to-do” list and pray each night before you go to bed. Doing this will give you a wonderful start to each new sunrise and keep you very happy. When you rise in the morning, tell yourself you are beautiful and think positive thoughts towards your new day!

#16. Read good books! Make sure to always have a wonderful wellness book on hand or a romantic novel or mystery to read. Reading stimulates the brain, teaches us new vocabulary and gives us new perspectives on our own lifestyles. Reading is so healthy, so be sure to crack open a book for 20 minutes a day.
Book Recommendation: What Are You Waiting For? It’s YOUR Life

#17. Throw away negative thoughts! As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one to negate it. Did you have a disagreement with a friend? Think of all of the ways this friend has helped you or been there for you in hard times. This feeling of thankfulness will slowly dissipate your “not-so-friendly” feelings towards them. Always remember, you have the POWER and no feeling is ever final!

#18. Get up and get out! Regardless of if you are male or female, NEVER stay in your bed clothes all day. Get up, get dressed, brush your hair and apply some nice organic makeup. You should always look your best, so you in-turn, you feel your best! Each day, even if I work from home, I like to do a workout and apply some makeup to my face. Taking care of yourself is KEY to staying young forever. Best Hair Brush:

#19. Pay attention to successful people. When I say successful, I am not referring to a lot of money but the ones with many friends, a great career and those who are truly happy doing what they love in life. I am a big believer in following what works! Don’t take health advice from someone who is very inflamed, don’t follow workout advise from someone who is horribly out of shape and don’t take “life advice” from someone who’s life is not one you are impressed by!

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