Natural Energy Supplements That Keep Your Energy High…

When a we begin a new wellness routine, it’s easy to keep the momentum going! But due to the stresses of life or for woman in particular (PMS). This momentum might slightly waver back and forth at times. To maintain a steady stream of daily energy, I recommend the following natural energy supplements…

Multivitamin: The benefits of a really good quality multi-vitamin should not be ignored. A multivitamin can definitely be included in the “natural energy supplements” category which provides extra energy and helps to fill-in nutritional gaps. Also, feel free to take additional vitamins along with this. For example, I take a prenatal multivitamin that contains B vitamins and I also take a separate B-complex in the AM. It is Ok to take additional vitamins and this will not harm you.

B-Complex: Another wonderful and “fast-acting” energy vitamin is B-Complex. If you have a wonderful diet and a kick-butt workout routine but still feel like you are more tired than you should be, than a B-vitamin complex will boost your energy and eliminate stress. I recommend taking two B-complex a day- one in the AM and one in the afternoon. This vitamin should be kept in your natural energy supplements cabinet for everyday use!

A B-Complex brand I highly recommend would be Bluebonnett Coenzyme B-Complex shown here below:

RIBOSE: The natural energy supplement RIBOSE is a carbohydrate component of DNA and RNA. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of The Fatigue and Fibomyalgia Solution says that ribose is a “energy turbocharger”. In addition, a study from a few years back showed that natural energy supplements such as ribose resulted in a 61% increase in people who experienced severe forms of human energy crisis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

These above easy to find natural energy supplements can really start to make a big difference if you are suffering from mystery fatigue! And remember, stress alone can have a profound effect on the body which can also play a role in weight gain or weight loss. So, besides the above, please consider also purchasing the following natural stress supplements to help manage your day-to-day lifestyle:

Vitamin C: Whether you drink orange or tangerine juice in the AM, vitamin C is crucial to a healthy immune system. Not only does this control appetite but it is also great for looking young! In addition, your adrenals store more vitamin C than any other organ and stress depletes this pretty rapidly. It never hurts to add a little extra vitamin C into your day and sometimes vitamin C powder in some water is all you really need! This vitamin C powder is the perfect natural energy supplements, just add 1/4 tsp to your glass of water:

Omega-3’s: Hempseed, fish oil or algae! These nutrient dense supplements promote immediate structural improvement in the part of the brain that regulates mood and emotion! Pick up your favorite fatty acid and add this to your daily routine for more energy naturally!

OmegaBrite Brand is the BEST:

So, there you have it! My Queen of Green recommendations for some awesome natural energy supplements to keep you going all day long. Please comment below and let me know how these ideas help your lifestyle 🙂