Organic sugar-free chocolate treats- just WOW!

While visiting Mom’s Organic Grocery this past weekend, I was searching for an organic sugar-free chocolate snack and boy, was I in for a treat! I looked through all my organic sugar-free chocolate options and passed on one after the next. “No cane sugar!, Yuck- no dairy! Umm no stevia please” (stevia can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle)- get rid of it.

You know, for someone that is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, it’s not always the easiest task for me to find a fun and amazing tasting organic sugar-free chocolate. However, I always find a way to make it work and my health and appearance show the results! So, what did I find at Mom’s Organic Grocery that knocked my socks off!? Dark, organic sugar-free chocolate butter cups by Eating Evolved.

Let’s rewind a little! I had met this company at Expo West in Baltimore Maryland. They were set up nice and neat and the branding immediately caught my eye. Like I inferred above, it’s not everyday I get to enjoy organic sugar-free chocolate without cane sugar and so I walked right up and began to talk health. These chocolate cups are pretty much “the bomb” and are free of the allergens that most “healthies”, like myself, have issues with. Ps- do we really have issues “per-say” or should all bad things just be considered toxic, period.

organic sugar-free chocolate

Here is the 101 on Eating Evolved’s Organic Sugar-Free Chocolate Butter Cups…

This organic sugar-free chocolate is 100% vegan: It’s great to have sugar-free chocolate that is free of dairy. Who the heck wants “milk juice” in their dessert anyway? Not me. Did you ever think about how cows are fed disgusting tap water and graze next to each others… well, you know!

They are paleo-friendly: The Paleo diet is a very healthful way to eat, if in-fact, you keep meat in your diet. It is the second best nutritional approach that keeps you lean, strong and energetic. Plant-based or vegetarian always ranks #1 in my book but honestly, either works!

Let’s just take a look at research in biochemistry, ophthalmology, dermatology etc. All these medical fields indicate that a diet including cane-sugar and trans-fat is at the root of degenerative diseases. Think you can avoid this by working out? Not so fast, even Lance Armstrong ended up getting cancer. Cane sugar causes inflammation inside the body because it is a highly processed substance. Please see the info-graphic below on how sugar ages the face…

organic sugar-free chocolate

So, What’s My Review On These Delicious Organic Sugar Free Chocolate Cups?

The taste of these coconut butter cups is like no other. If you think you’ve had good organic sugar-free chocolate, you have not experienced pure bliss until you bite into these! My favorite flavor is mint cream and I literally thought I was eating the best chocolate cheesecake in the world! Not only that but eating these decent-sized, organic sugar-free chocolate treats actually filled me up and left me completely satisfied. I had these for a snack at 3 pm and wasn’t even that hungry for my dinner! This is exactly why healthy fats will make you thin and beautiful because they satisfy you!

Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter and organic peppermint oil and that is it! Ugh so pure, I can’t even stand it! Bravo to whoever came up with this treat, seriously, you made my day. With 4 grams of naturally occurring coconut sugar this gets my “Queen of Green approval” and the green star to health!

organic sugar-free chocolate

Mint Butter Cups

Oh and the employee team is amazing as well. At Expo, they welcomed me to try all the different flavors and ensured me they contained no coconut oil or cane sugar . Only naturally sweetened, organic sugar-free chocolate with low-glycemic coconut sugar. It’s friendly people like this who should start their own healthy “Hershey” world. Why not? The world needs a healthy, vegan chocolate park- a foodies dream come true!

Until next time, go buy some of this chocolate:  You can thank me later!

XO Queen of Green