Soap for scabies using Got Green Soap is the best home remedy for scabies!

Hi Guys, because my “Scabies Home Remedy” blog was so successful, I decided to write this blog as a follow-up to everyone who wants to get rid of their scabies FAST! Another great remedy for curing scabies, is using a soap for scabies that helps to kill off the mites from under your skin.

The best soap for scabies is my very own Got Green Soap. This foam soap has the active ingredient of organic thyme essential oil and a patent-pending blend of other anti-scabies oils too! The greatest benefit of using a soap for scabies, is that it will protect you from re-infecting yourself and others too. Once you have a barrier of protection on your hands, you can shake hands with someone and not worry about contracting the scabies infection a second time.

Soap for Scabies

How To Use Got Green Soap

Got Green Soap is a soothing, plant-based foam soap that can be used as a leave-on treatment for scabies or also as a wash off formula. This soap for scabies contains a large percentage of thyme oil, which helps to kill off the scabies mite from the surface of the skin within minutes. In addition, the remaining odor of the soap helps to protect you from being reinfested with the scabies mite. Reason being, scabies do not like the smell of thyme oil and so this causes them to die off fast!

Before using my Got Green Soap for scabies, you will want to clean up your house and make sure to take a warm shower. When in the shower, you can use the Got Green Soap for scabies to lather up your body and feel free to leave this on for a few minutes before washing it off. After you get out of the shower and dry off completely, you can take more of the Got Green soap and use a thin layer of this to cover and protect your skin. Got Green Soap is made with all natural oils so this soap for scabies will not dry out your skin like permethrin cream would.

Natural Cures for Scabies

Speaking of permethrin cream, Got Green Soap is the natural alternative to permethrin and is much safer! Permethrin cream is very irritating to the skin and can cause more harm than good. It also leaves awful, long-lasting side effects which make it very hard for a person to tell if they are cured from the scabies mite or not.

Does Scabies Ever Go Away? Yes!

Please remember that natural cure for scabies are a much better option then what a doctor will give you for treatment. I highly recommend doing your research and choosing a natural scabies treatment that is effective, using essential oils. On my blog, I offer a biblical oil cure for scabies (a recipe that explains how to mix your own essential oils) or I now sell my Got Green Soap for scabies online and this can be purchased HERE. Also, please read my last blog for how to eat a special diet for scabies using “high protein” food sources and vitamins. See diet for scabies.

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