Adrenal fatigue smoothie, my plant based version…

Adrenal fatigue smoothie. Looking for a “plant-based” version of the adrenal fatigue “creamsicle”? Look no further!

Here is a very easy and delicious tasting adrenal fatigue smoothie to boost and heal your adrenals. Please be sure to prepare and drink this adrenal fatigue smoothie within one hour of waking in the morning. Why drink this in one hour of waking you ask? Most people experiencing adrenal fatigue are not hungry first thing in the AM. They might be the type to pass right through the waking hour by started work, exercising or rushing out the door. For people like this, eating and drinking a healthy “fat” to protein mixture is ideal to “jump start” and heal the bodies adrenal glands.

Even if you are not hungry, having the adrenal fatigue smoothie within 1 hour of rising can assist the liver and provide vitamin C. This will boost energy levels and provide support for better cortisol levels- which will last throughout the day. Not to mention eating a healthy fat/protein ratio within 1 hour of getting up will help to restore your blood sugar levels. That being said, the earlier the better when it comes to blending and drinking your adrenal fatigue smoothie.

What are the Benefits of The Adrenal Fatigue Smoothie? Let’s Review The Ingredients:

  • 4-6 Oz Fresh squeezed orange juice OR one medium-sized mandarin orange. Oranges are high in folate and loaded with naturally occurring vitamin C. People with adrenal fatigue require high levels of naturally-occurring vitamin C. Whole foods varieties are best. When I say “Whole Foods”, I am not talking about the store. A whole foods supplement refers to sources such as rose hips and naturally occurring vitamin C sources, etc.

Adrenal Fatigue Smoothie

  • SUJA Fresh-pressed green juice (1/4-1/3 Cup). I add this green juice because it makes the adrenal fatigue smoothie taste wonderful. SUJA juice contains chlorella powder and organic spirulina powder which remove heavy metals from the blood stream. This is a body renewal drink by SUJA juices, find it HERE.
  • Healthy Fat. A plant-based fat such as coconut cream provides essential enzymes for the body and brain that slow the release of glucose and balance the bodies blood sugar. Healthy fats provide a calming effect over the entire body- easing anxiety and strengthening the senses. If you are looking for a plant-based dairy cream, I highly recommend Native Forest brand coconut milk. This is the brand I use in my adrenal fatigue smoothie and it makes me feel incredible. Use 2  heaping Tbsp.

    Adrenal Fatigue Smoothie
  • A collagen or plant-based protein. Protein and collagen are filled with amino acids, which are crucial for good health. Protein helps to build back up and heal the gut lining. This is why so many plant-based vegans end up putting some source of protein back into their daily routine. Overtime, a vegan diet (if not done properly) can begin to effect the gut lining, leading to nervousness, brain fog and slight depression. Protein is a wonderful “building block” to help heal the body quickly and efficiently. Use 2 Tbsp. I enjoy KURA brand. For a plant-based, stevia-free collagen I recommend Plant Fusions new Collagen Builder. Plant fusion collagen builder review.
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. Himalayan sea salt contains all 84 trace minerals essential to good health. Using sea salt on a regular basis is very beneficial, especially in replacement of regular table salt. By now, we should all know that regular table salt is extremely dangerous to the body’s health. White table salt contains small granules of glass, which create tiny tears in our blood vessels. This, in turn, raises blood pressure levels. Stick to pink sea salt and remember to go light on it. People experiencing adrenal fatigue tend to “over-salt” their food. Be mindful of how much you use on your meal. For adding sea salt to the adrenal fatigue smoothie, I recommend a small shake of pink Himalayan sea salt. Brand I use found Here. Use 1/4 Tsp or several shakes.

Adrenal Fatigue Smoothie

There you have it, the 5 simple ingredients to my adrenal fatigue smoothie. *Put all of these ingredients into a Nutri Bullet and blend well!* Drink on a completely empty stomach and follow with some water and vitamins. About 1 hour later, you should enjoy more of a solid, healthy breakfast.

Vitamins for Adrenal Fatigue

Here are some suggestions for vitamins you should be taking:

  • Adrenal fatigue supplements and herbs. Remember that adrenal fatigue can also be caused by toxic load on the body. That being said, I have personally benefited from the “Clean Being” blend by herbalist Nick Kleinsmith. This mix made me feel absolutely incredible. My body had never felt so good- this was only after two days on the supplement! Here is is website, I highly recommend: Clean Being Supplement 
  • Vitamin B Complex: This is just a classic vitamin for all around phenomenal health. I have my favorite brands of this; Mega Food is the best “whole food” version and then we have Blue Bonnet B-Complex for the more stringent version. B vitamin deficiency is 100% associated with stress and taxes the adrenals. Take a b complex two times per day, once after breakfast and again later in the day.
  • Magnesium and Vitamin D3: Two major supplements for fighting adrenal insufficiency! Magnesium is crucial for any kind of stress and vitamin D3 boosts the immune system. These supplements will assist your body to lessen the fight or flight mode that occurs during adrenal fatigue.
  • Any Tea with Licorice: Any calming tea with Licorice is good to support the body. This spice increases DHEA in the body and helps to nourish the brain. I don’t recommend the supplement root, but the minimal amount in a nice warm tea is good for the body. I recommend Yogi brand tea.

Here more about adrenal fatigue here: How to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue