Hydrate skin internally. Here’s how… 

If you find you are endlessly moisturizing your skin or that the texture is crepey or very dry, this blog is here to help you! My 6 tips on how to hydrate skin internally are fast and effective. Follow any of these recommendations and your skin will be improved within a few days time. 

MSM Lotion and Capsules

You can use MSM lotion and capsules to hydrate skin internally! This tip works quickly for improved skin texture and immediate results. MSM goes to work fast to improve the body’s collagen and keratin production. When taken orally or internally, MSM strengthens the skin and helps to combat all dryness- making the skin visibly softer and less tight. There are two items that work great with wonderful results. The first is MSM lotion. You can apply this after a shower and it is the best lotion I have ever used. It is the Sunfood brand pure & natural MSM lotion found HERE. The second, is MSM capsules by NOW brand. Start out slowly by taking 500mg, one time per day. Do not take MSM if you have a sulfur allergy. 

Hydrate skin internally

Lay Off The Carbs 

Reducing carbohydrates such as white potatoes, salty chips and other starches can dramatically reduce the symptoms of dry skin. Our bodies literally become what we eat. Therefore, it’s important to eat hydrating foods such as oily salmon or fish oil supplements, juicy watermelon, or vitamin-packed smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables. Even things such as organic bone broth will help to hydrate and change the texture of the skin. Just remember, you are what you eat!  Try this watermelon juice: https://amzn.to/2UjadbT

Purchase Hydrolonic Acid 

Can’t commit to eliminating all carbs? Take Hydrolonic acid to hydrate skin internally for fast results that will make you look younger. Hyraluronic acid helps to reduce dry skin from the inside out by retaining the skin’s moisture molecules. This creates an instant “moisturizing effect” throughout the entire body! When our skin is protected and hydrated, increased cell accumulation will take place. This not only “plumps” our skin but will provide anti-aging benefits as well. I highly recommend Amazing Formula’s Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg capsules or NOW Brand Hyaluronic Acid. Takes these and your skin will become increasingly more smooth and soft. 

Hydrate skin internally

8 Full Glasses of Water Per Day 

I know it’s been said before but I wills say it again. Your skin is made up of water so to hydrate skin internally, you must drink lots of water! Be sure to drink two full glasses of water after waking in the AM. To absorb the water better into the body and to hydrate the skin internally, try adding a splash of lime juice or aloe vera gel. Both of these supplements contain natural vitamin C which will aid in softer, more hydrated skin from the inside out. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production!

Hydrate skin internally

Purchase a Shower Filter (How to Hydrate Skin Internally) 

You are what you bathe in! This might be obvious to some, but others never think of how chlorinated shower water is drying the crap out of their skin! Yes, unfortunately, our shower water has added chemicals that dry out our skin. To solve this problem, you must get a good quality shower filter for your shower. Making this one small change alone will make a 95% difference in the quality of your skin, especially your hair. Also, for “overall health”, a shower filter will keep your entire body safe from chemicals and protect your family too! Some great brands are Dr. Mercola’s shower filter system or my personal favorite- the Culligan Shower Filter! 

You Must Use A Humidifier

I saved the best for last! Using a humidifier will hydrate skin internally and keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. The added moisture in the air will also keep you in a better mood! A humidifier to stop dry skin is a fast and easy way to put moisture back into your home’s air supply. I recommend keeping the humidifier in the area you work or by the bed where you sleep. Simply fill this every night with one jug of distilled water and don’t forget to add one pinch of sea salt! Doing this is the final step of how to hydrate skin internally and it works!

The best humidifier brand is the good ole’ fashion Vicks hot steam system: Link HERE for $14 bucks.
Hydrate skin internally

There you have it. These are my top 6 tips on how to hydrate the skin internally. These 6 steps are fail-safe and work extremely fast to solve the problems of dry skin. Please email me with any questions and I will be happy to help!

Also, be sure to check out my Got Green organic unscented soap for sensitive skin.