How Long Should You Fast?

How long should you fast? Well, that all depends! Here are some of the reasons you might be fasting: Your health, God is calling you to fast or you would like to begin intermittent fasting. In this blog, I will cover these topics and I will also reveal how long you should fast. 

How Long Should You Fast for Your Health?

Fasting for your health is one of the most efficient ways to “reset” the body. This gives all the internal organs a break from digestion and allows the body to enter into complete rest. Fasting for your health is one of the fastest ways to detox the body, eliminate illness and lose weight. But how long should you fast for? Let’s take a closer look… 

Fasting for Illness & Cancer: 

Cancer is an acidic condition that compromises the bodies cells. But thank goodness the Bible teaches us the healing powers of fasting! Fasting has been shown to literally “starve” cancerous cells, while leaving the normal cells to burn fat. If you do get diagnosed with an illness or cancer, your doctor might recommend you try fasting only in combination with the usual treatments: medication, surgery, radiation. However, if you fast periodically as a “preventative” routine, you can starve cancer cells before they even have a chance to grow! 

For illness and cancer, you should fast for 3 days with water only. This should be done privately at home or in a very loving environment. If you are not well, I recommend letting a close friend or family member know that you are planning to fast. If you are too weak to go the full three days, make it two day fast instead and on the third day- end your fast by sipping raw green juices and organic bone broth. Don’t have a juicer? I love my Omega Juicer and highly recommend it!

How Long Should You Fast?

Fasting for God or Religious Fasting: 

Fasting for God is a wonderful thing you can do to get closer to him. Do you want answers to your troubles? Do you feel like you are praying yet God remains silent? Fasting can not only clear the mind but it can allow you to hear clearly from God what he wants for your life. It also infers in the bible we should not boast of our fasting or appear somber. Instead, wash your face and be refreshed. You and the Lord know you are fasting and that should be good enough. And remember that in “the quiet” we become aware of his presence. Life can feel muddled at times, but always remember, if you let “muddied water” settle- it becomes clear. For this, I recommend a full 24 to 48 hour fast. And remember, fasting and prayer go side-by-side!
How Long Should You Fast?

Intermittent Fasting – How Long Should You Fast?

Intermittent fasting is absolutely wonderful! From the Doctor Oz show to mainstream health, intermittent fasting can provide fast weight loss, eliminate bloating and water weight, and also tone and tighten the skin. 

Intermittent fasting can be done 1 of 2 ways:

#1. You can intermittent fast from the time you wake in the morning, until 12 noon. This not only provides the body with incredible energy but teaches self control and allows your vital organs a break from the constant “digestion process”. I encourage you to choose one day per week, possibly on a Wednesday or towards the middle of the week. When you wake in the AM, pour a big glass of reverse osmosis water (I recommend an ionized water machine) and squeeze some organic lemon in. Lakewood Farms has incredible juices! Drink this or make a warm, detoxing herbal tea for yourself. Herbal teas reduce “hunger pangs” and also absorb into the bodies cells for deep healing. I recommend the following tea for blood types:

Blood type A: Healthy Skin, Milk Thistle or Organic Green Tea 

Blood type AB: Hawthorn Berry, Echinacea or Milk Thistle Tea

Blood type B: Licorice Tea (Very beneficial for blood type B)

Blood type O: Licorice Tea, Avoid Black Tea. For a Licorice tea blend, try Stash Tea Licorice Spice

#2. Another alternative, you can end eating early in the afternoon around 3-4pm and fast until the next morning. Then, if you eat at 8 or 9 AM, you will have gone a full 18 hours without eating food. This gives the body a wonderful “Ahh, cleansed!” feeling and helps to eliminate toxins. The experts suggest 14-15 hours for women and a full 16 hours for men. To help with hunger and blood sugar, try using a few tablespoons of Bragg’s ACV throughout your fast.

How Long Should You Fast?

So there we have it! Simple, yet easy ways to fast for your overall health and wellness. And let’s not forget, fasting always brings us closer to our heavenly father, who wants us to call on him in times of need. He is our ultimate source and our best friend. I hope this blog helps to shed some light on “fasting for God” and to improve your overall health.