Supplements for Stress and Anxiety. What is the real cause?

Throughout our lives we can go through times where we experience increased stress and anxiety. Many times, we might think we are sick, but the truth is 90% of all illnesses are actually caused by stress and anxiety. 

What if I told you there is an easier way to feel stress-free? Well, there is! 

There are specific supplements for stress and anxiety that work with your “body chemistry” to provide an instant “calming effect” if taken on a daily basis. These natural supplements for stress and anxiety are 100% natural and have no side effects. In fact, the following can be used to permanently help re-align your brain pathways to eliminate the cause of stress or help your body to handle it better. 

My Top Supplements for Stress and Anxiety 2020 are the following: 

#1. Ashwagandha. 

Ashwagandha is my number one herbal supplement for stress and anxiety. This ancient medicinal herb has many health benefits. A major benefit – eliminating stress and making you feel like you have a better handle on your life. Ashwagandha is what you call an “adaptogen”, meaning it can help your body to better manage the stress load. Of course life has its ups and downs, but what a relief it is to know such a magical herb can cause such wonderful stress relief! 

Can ashwagandha help kill cancer cells? Another added bonus is that animal test tube studies have found that withaferin, a compound in the herb, is programmed to kill off cancer cells in the body. It also helps to prevent ovarian tumors. 

My recommended brand is by far-Garden of Life Organic Ashwagandha

Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

#2. Folate. 

Folate is hidden in the arsenal of supplements for stress and anxiety and is at the top of the list. Many people are not aware, but Harvard Health has studied folate to treat depression. How does a folate supplement work for stress and anxiety? It helps to break down the amino acid homocysteine, which at high levels, is responsible for feelings of depression. Further more, because stress and anxiety may lead to depression, taking a daily folate supplement is preventative and very beneficial to the brain. 

My favorite is Blue Bonnet brand and can be found HERE

Supplements for Stress and Anxiety


#3. B Complex supplements for stress and anxiety.

B Complex is another great supplements for stress and anxiety. MegaFood B complex supports your nervous system and assists in the conversion of food into beneficial energy. B Complex also contains pantothenic acid, which is known as vitamin B5 and referred to in the vitamin world as the “stress reliever” vitamin. I highly recommend taking a B complex supplement for stress and anxiety twice a day. Once after breakfast with your folate and ashwhaganda and again later in the day, around 2pm. 

My favorite is MegaFood B complex, which can be found HERE 

Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Lastly, my final suggestion for supplements for stress and anxiety are some specific “grounding” essential oils. In our fast-paced world we often overlook essential oils and this is a tremendous mistake. Essential oils have anciently recognized powers to heal the body and we must use this knowledge and apply it to our lives today. My favorite essential oils for stress relief and grounding the body are:

#1. Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Helichrysum is used for anxiety and to soothe the mind, apply 1-2 drops in an unscented body lotion and apply in a thin layer over the body. This can be done each day, after a shower.

#2. Thyme essential Oil.

This essential oil helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. The best way to benefit from thyme essential oil, would be to keep a bottle near by and take deep breaths-breathing the aroma into your nose and taking a full exhale. Another great idea, would be to put a few drops into a humidifier so that the oil can permeate the surrounding atmosphere while you work. 

I know along with prayer and some fasting, this blog will help you with any stress you are experiencing. Thanks for reading!