Natural Pre Workout Supplements for ENERGY! 

Are you looking for a natural pre workout supplement with natural ingredients that works? If so, I am going to make some amazing suggestions in this blog to help you manage your energy and give you the “pre workout boost” you are looking for. Natural pre workout supplements are much safer for the body than chemical pre workout powders, which are filled with unnatural caffeine sources and chemically processed sugar. 

#1. Bluebonnet Pre Workout Recharger. 

A natural pre workout, Bluebonnet makes a good one! This supplement uses a nitric oxide booster with caffeine using no artificial colors, flavors or sweetness. This pre workout is a wonderful muscle recharging formula that is soy-free, dairy-free and NSF certified for sports nutrition. Do you need more motivation to wake up & workout? – Than try this natural pre workout supplement.  

What else can this natural pre workout do for you and how does it stand out from the other chemical brands?

  • This organic pre-workout provides high energy and sharpens mental concentration. 
  • Increases nitric oxide levels for greater blood flow and a more intense workout. 
  • Can be used as natural electrolytes. (Natural electrolytes without high sugar)
  • Easy to mix and very simple to drink … on-the-go! Purchase HERE

***This above brand does contain Stevia and a small Qty of sugar. (Very minimal, but read below for alternative options)

Natural pre workout

#2. Jarrow B12 Chewable’s. 

Can b12 be used as a pre-workout supplement? Yes it can! Sublingual b12 is great to give you energy for a heart pumping workout and the rest of your day. How quickly does b12 work? b12 is often included in workout complexes to make sure your body is boosting protein synthesis – slowing the process of protein breakdown (or doing both). Taking a b12 before a workout helps to improve the body’s metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins. 

What else does natural b12 help with? 

  • Helps with faster muscle recovery. 
  • Prevents dehydration. 
  • Helps the body absorb iron. 
  • Improves mood & depression. 

The brand I recommend is Jarrow in 1000 mcg or 2,500 mcg. I find that 2000 mcg’s give me the energy and motivation I need to workout. I purchase the 1000 mcg and take two.

Sublingual B-12 Chewable – Purchase HERE

Natural Pre Workout

#3. Natural Electrolytes – Coconut Water and Organic Protein Shakes.

Canned coconut water & organic protein shakes are ideal as a natural pre workout! Firstly, coconut water mimics the bodies blood cells and helps to heal the body. Coconut water also provides natural electrolytes to the body. Coconut water contains things such as potassium, sodium & manganese. This plant water is used as “rehydration” for the body after exercise or even to nurse the body back to health during mild illness. Amy & Brian coconut water is my favorite!

For Organic coconut water – Purchase HERE

Organic protein shakes are also great because you can drink a small qty before a workout and not feel too full. A cold, ready-to-drink version is ideal because you can throw it into the fridge and grab them when you need them. ALOHA is a great natural protein shake brand, which is plant-based. The brand is low sugar, gluten-free, paleo & stevia free. 

For Organic protein shakes – Purchase HERE

Natural Pre Workout

PS: Aside from a natural pre workout, I also use a 100% natural protein powder for my shakes. Stay tuned for more blogs on “all natural” health. – Queen of Green XO