3 Ways Eating Squash Can Improve Your Health

3 Ways Eating Squash Can Improve Your Health

From winter squash to spring squash, the health benefits of consuming this wonderful veggie are incredible! Not only do the carotenoids in that bright coloration improve your skin, making it glow baby glow! – but it also has miraculous healing properties to improve your overall health. In this blog, I will be sharing with you in detail, three ways in which eating squash will benefit your entire body. Not only will you feel better by incorporating more squash into your daily regime but you will look better as well.

1. Squash Contains Vitamin A

Vitamin A not only creates cell-turnover to improve the quality if your skin, hair and nails but it also increases the pigmentation in our skin making us look more “alive”. Vitamin A, one of the main antioxidants in squash, also reigns supreme in improving eye health and eradicating cancer growth within our bodies. The more sugar and processed foods we consume, the more cancer cells have the opportunity to multiply – yikes! Squash and other vegetables reverse the effects of processed foods and increase our energy levels and longevity. Additionally, if you are looking a bit pale or experiencing breakouts, consuming more squash would be a wonderful addition to any meal to help improve these issues.

2. High Quantity of Dietary Fiber

For those of us who may be feeling a little bit “clogged” – let squash be thy answer! Butternut squash contains the perfect amount of daily fiber to get things moving. Make sure to keep the skin on and seeds intact for an extra punch of fiber love. I enjoy adding 1/2 cup of sliced – raw squash to my morning green drinks or along with my meals later in the day. Also, keep in mind that consuming a carb along with protein is not ideal. When you combine a protein and a starch together, it makes it a lot harder on your body to digest and break down the meal. Squash would be the perfect replacement for your usual sweet potato or rice to accompany your choice of protein at any meal. Put your favorite tomato sauce over spaghetti squash for a great “look-alike” pasta replacement!

3. Antioxidants

The antioxidant content in squash will not only reverse damaged cells but prevent current cellular damage. I consider squash a key “superfood” because it holds the power of protecting our bodies against free radical oxygen molecules in our bloodstream. In addition, the added antioxidant compounds found in squash, greatly increase it’s nutritional benefits and play a role in improving our over all health. These benefits, which include poly-phenolic compounds, serve a large anti-inflammatory role in our bodies. With all the un-natural substances we sometimes have no choice in coming into contact with, it is important to keep large levels of antioxidants in our bodies at all times!

I know you will all benefit from this article but just in case you need a little assistance – Here is a yummy sauteed squash recipe given to me from “MasterChomp”. With super-spices including oregano and fresh ground pepper, this recipe is sure to please the anti or veggie phobic. 🙂


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