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About Eileen

I am a naturopathic health coach certified in plant-based nutrition and I grew up in the forest filled hills of Pennsylvania. From a young age, health and anti-aging has always sparked my interest. However, I too, have come a long way with my own health. For example, even after learning the dangers of trans fat as a teen, I still made spontaneous trips to Chik-Fil-A for some fried goodness. I had always hoped, as long as I kept greens in my fridge or made smoothies, that this would cancel out the “junk”. But, from bad skin to gluten-induced depression, even I suffered the effects of what processed foods did to my body and mind.

Fortunately, sometimes it takes a serious health situation to occur to knock some sense back into us! When it comes to any circumstances in life, I no longer label them as bad because from every one of them comes something new that is learned to enlighten us. We can then take this newly gained knowledge, apply it to our lives, and transform to become the best versions of ourselves possible. 

In my life today I can proudly say I am vigilant about my healthful oasis! From sleeping on an organic bed to making delicious, nourishing smoothie bowls – I make sure to practice what I preach. I have dedicated my life to being as health conscious as possible and believe whole-heartedly in healing illness naturally. To some, “being green” is just a fad but for me it’s about providing a better quality of life, not just for myself but for everyone I come to know. I love helping people with their health, praying for them, and watching them walk away with a rejuvenated sense of hope.

And remember this: No matter what your circumstances are, it is NEVER too late to change your mindset or your life!

Today you can find me “Greening The World’s Cleaning” as I continue to pioneer change in all directions of life!

God Bless!

What Some Had To Say

Victoria Herne
Victoria HerneReading Hospital School of Health Sciences
Eileen’s recommendation to begin taking a daily probiotic has helped to decrease my appetite and has also stopped my cravings for junk food! My sense of taste actually feels “crisper” and I get turned off from just the site of fast food. This has REALLY helped me to lose weight and I finally feel “normal” again!
Robb Stech
Robb StechActor
Through nutrition and dietary replacements, Eileen helped my mother live without nine prescribed blood pressure pills a day. As she went through a stage four glioblastoma (brain cancer) battle, Mom wanted to reduce the amount of extra pills and side effects they were bringing. Eileen’s suggestions corrected a two decade blood pressure problem my mother relied on prescriptions to fix… without medication.
Sawyer Butto
Sawyer Butto2cd Yr Div 1 Lax Player at Sacred Heart Univ.
I first met Eileen when she came to my home to do my makeup for the senior pictures I was shooting that afternoon. She did an impeccable job and had a lasting first impression because of her vibrant personality. We did not stop chatting the whole time about health, beauty, and fitness (our three favorite subjects)! Playing at a Division 1 level in college lacrosse, I needed to be able to choose the good from the bad things to eat in the cafeteria when I got to school that fall. The spring and summer before I left, Eileen helped me transform my lifestyle into a much healthier one. You can definitely say that I had not gained the freshman 15! If you are looking to rid yourself of bad habits, Eileen is the nutritionist to go to!

To my Queen of Green audience:

Please understand my blog is based upon my own personal experiences and knowledge I have learned along the way. Any information shared is for informational purposes only. The statements and opinions on this site are my own and have not been evaluated by the FDA. For medical advice, please consult your family healthcare provider.