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My name is Eileen, and I am a Homeopathic Consultant and Makeup Artist here in beautiful Pennsylvania! From a young age, being healthful has always sparked my curiosity; however, I have not always followed the life I lead today 100%. In fact, even after learning the dangers of trans-fat as a teen, I still sneakily made monthly trips to Chick-Fil-A with friends for some fried goodness! I had always hoped, as long as I kept spinach in my fridge or made smoothies here and there, that this would balance out the junk! But from bad skin to depression, even I suffered the negative effects of what consuming processed, chemical-laden foods did to my body and mind. It can be a very scary thing to realize that the choices we make on a daily basis can be potentially toxic to our bodies, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes an illness or a serious situation to occur for the bells and whistles to knock some sense back into us. When it comes to any circumstances in life, I no longer label them as bad because from every one of them comes something new that is learned to enlighten our senses. It’s the most glorious thing about life – educating ourselves from every experience and gaining new knowledge that can be applied to our lives and shared with others along the way! Today I can proudly say I am vigilant about my healthful oasis. From sleeping on an organic bed made of tree rubber to starting my morning with a green drink, I make sure to practice what I preach. For the past few years, I have dedicated my life to being as health-conscious as possible, and I believe whole-heartedly in healing illness naturally. To some, being green is just a fad but for me it’s about providing value and a better quality of being – not only for myself but for every single person I come to know. No matter what your circumstances are, just remember, it is never too late to change your mindset or your life! QueenofGreen.org was created to share what I now know and to help all of us continue to Grow!

Natural Teeth Whitening Gel – Homemade “Organic”

Natural teeth whitening gel how-to, this is SO simple!! 
Today I will be touching on how to make your own natural teeth whitening gel from only three ingredients. You can do this protocol 3x a week until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. However, don’t go overboard- you do not want to inflame your gum tissue! I wrote this natural teeth whitening gel recommendation on my blog because other whitening products such as “Crest [...]

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Organic perfume- I do, do you? I’m so excited about this blog! Do you love warm, soft scents such as vanilla and cinnamon? I am a huge fan of “dessert” scented perfumes and I am happy to announce- I have found my top three favorite brands and they do not disappoint. These three perfumes are perfect for every day use or that special night out when you want to feel extra feminine and exhilarated. Organic, [...]

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iPhone Radiation Dangers – Protect Yourself!

iPhone Radiation Dangers have become a real concern and after I experienced some unpleasant side-effects, I took action to protect my body. When I first got an iPhone a few years back, I used the device for about a week prior to returning it. From what I can recall, my wrist began to hurt and tingle. Because of this, I decided to go back to my regular flip-phone. About 2 years later, I gave the [...]

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Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes | GF and Vegan

Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes that are gluten-free & vegan! Goodness gracious, these pumpkin-cinna pancakes are sweet, savory and super moist! Free of gluten and cane sugar, these pumpkin hotcakes are the perfect holiday treat. Even better, no complicated ingredients required – just a big mixing bowl and some fab holiday tunes! Pumpkin-Cinna Pancakes Recipe: Here we go… Time: 20 Min Servings: 3-4 pumpkin-cinna pancakes, depending on how ravenous you are! Ingredients: · ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk [...]

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Vitamin B Deficiency Causing Your Anxiety? B Proactive!

Vitamin B - Read on... Think having a lack of vitamin B in the body isn't a big deal?-Think again. If you are vegetarian or vegan, experiencing an abnormal amount of stress or drink too many cocktails- these are just a few of the reasons you may be lacking in B vitamins. Further more, if you are vegan or vegetarian, do not assume you would have experienced symptoms right at the beginning of your "non-meat" [...]

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Organic Sunscreen – Goddess Garden Organics

Organic Sunscreen: I am so excited about the topic I am about to blog about this morning!- For two reasons: 1. I want to broaden the awareness of how crucial it is to wear an all-natural organic sunscreen on the body. 2. I have found an incredibly efficient, 100% natural and ORGANIC sunscreen that tops them all! "Goddess Garden Organics" hits the mark when it comes to an all-natural "good for our body" moisturizing organic [...]

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Natural Powder Foundation – Honeybee Gardens

All-Natural Powder Foundation: Get excited ladies!- For I have found the BEST all-natural powder foundation on the market. Honeybee Gardens natural powder foundation is fit for a queen! This makeup's silky finish and lasting power works identically to some of the highest quality department store powders out there. The only difference-it doesn't contain those nasty, age-promoting chemicals! Think about it, your face is your calling card and everything you slather onto your skin gets absorbed [...]

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Softer Skin Tips For The Summer Months!

Are you ready to learn how to get softer skin in time for summer? Well, it’s time to gain back control from these cold and drying winter months! Below I will list four tips that will help to re-plump your body’s moisture content from the inside-out in preparation for those short-shorts and beach-side picnics. The following are my four best tips to acheiving softer skin... 1. A shot of aloe first thing in the AM. [...]

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Dry brushing in the AM or PM before a shower awakens the body, increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system! If you want to look younger, feel younger and experience more energy – read the following on dry brushing… We all know how nice a woman’s hair looks after it has been brushed- right? You can do the exact same thing, every single day, for your skin. Have you ever taken notice to how [...]

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Oil Pulling Q&A

Recently, I’ve been in-boxed a slew of questions on my FB surrounding the blog article that went viral on oil pulling using coconut oil. This ancient technique (dating back 3,000 years ago) works to heal illnesses, whiten teeth, resolve stubborn acne and clear most toxins from the body. What are my personal thoughts on oil pulling?- It works! I was into oil pulling a few years back when a friend of mine tried it and [...]

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