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My name is Eileen, and I am a Homeopathic Consultant and Makeup Artist here in beautiful Pennsylvania! From a young age, being healthful has always sparked my curiosity; however, I have not always followed the life I lead today 100%. In fact, even after learning the dangers of trans-fat as a teen, I still sneakily made monthly trips to Chick-Fil-A with friends for some fried goodness! I had always hoped, as long as I kept spinach in my fridge or made smoothies here and there, that this would balance out the junk! But from bad skin to depression, even I suffered the negative effects of what consuming processed, chemical-laden foods did to my body and mind. It can be a very scary thing to realize that the choices we make on a daily basis can be potentially toxic to our bodies, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes an illness or a serious situation to occur for the bells and whistles to knock some sense back into us. When it comes to any circumstances in life, I no longer label them as bad because from every one of them comes something new that is learned to enlighten our senses. It’s the most glorious thing about life – educating ourselves from every experience and gaining new knowledge that can be applied to our lives and shared with others along the way! Today I can proudly say I am vigilant about my healthful oasis. From sleeping on an organic bed made of tree rubber to starting my morning with a green drink, I make sure to practice what I preach. For the past few years, I have dedicated my life to being as health-conscious as possible, and I believe whole-heartedly in healing illness naturally. To some, being green is just a fad but for me it’s about providing value and a better quality of being – not only for myself but for every single person I come to know. No matter what your circumstances are, just remember, it is never too late to change your mindset or your life! QueenofGreen.org was created to share what I now know and to help all of us continue to Grow!


There really are no words to describe how delicious Essential Living Food’s superfoods are. In fact, you would have to experience how incredibly fresh and flavorful they taste to see why I am so enthusiastic about these products on my blog! In the mean time, I am writing this review to encourage everyone to try Essential Living Foods to see for yourself how amazing this company really is. From antioxidant filled fruits and powders, to [...]

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This organic peanut butter cookie recipe is sooo delicious & simple to make! One of my favorite recipes for dessert after dinner. Wet: 8 Tablespoons Organic Coconut Oil 8 Tablespoons Raw Honey 1 Cup Peanut Butter 1 Organic Egg Dry: 1 Cup Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda 1 Cup Oats Mix both wet and dry ingredients together. Scoop out into balls with a “melon-baller” and flatten a bit. Bake on 350 [...]

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Regrow Hair Naturally | For Men

Regrow hair naturally... The most frequently asked question I get is “Eileen, how do I stop male patterned baldness!?” or “How do I thicken my hair?”. For those who have inquired, this blog post is for you! I believe genetics can be altered and through proper nutrition, almost anything can be rejuvenated and re-established. Most times, we are simply missing an important trace mineral within our diets which can contribute to this. Please read my [...]

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Why You Should Never Cook With Teflon

I no longer eat anything cooked on Teflon and although it’s a hard task to comply with all the time, it’s definitely worthwhile to protect your health. Cookware that has been coated with Teflon emits chemicals into the foods we are about to eat and to my surprise; many individuals are still unaware of this fact. And because it’s not the greatest decision to be heating food at high temperatures in the first place, if [...]

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The BEST vegan chocolate cake ever! This is one of my favorite NON-dairy cake recipes. Rich, moist and scrumptious; this vegan cake is sure to be enjoyed by all! Ingredients:
 Dry: 1 ¼ cups organic flour (whole wheat pastry or gluten free) 2/3 cup organic coconut sugar A few good shakes of organic cinnamon powder! 1/3 cup unsweetened organic cocoa powder 1 tsp baking soda (Bob's Red Mill) ½ tsp fine ground sea salt Wet: [...]

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Delicious, nutritious and gluten free; quinoa is the go to superfood for superior protein. I recently started eating quinoa for breakfast after my green drinks and have noticed I am less hungry throughout the day. Carbs high in protein suppress appetite and increase energy levels. Additionally, because this is a gluten free grain, it will not cause bloating or any digestive disturbances. This amino acid also contains a whopping 16 percent protein content, one of [...]

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Why I NEVER Use The Microwave

Besides the fact that a microwave oven completely "nukes" the nutrients out of your plate of food, it can also cause serious damage to your health. After reading many articles and studies on these damaging effects, I decided to discontinue the use of the microwave and was shocked by the immediate changes in how good my body and mind felt. Not only could I think more clearly but my entire being felt more grounded and [...]

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4 Reasons A Bowl of Cherries Makes A Great Dessert

Not only do dark cherries have an outrageously high antioxidant content but they also pack a pretty sweet punch for any sweet tooth looking for a more healthful option! Refreshing and sweet, here's why these little gems make a tasty after-dinner dessert. 1. Dark cherries contain natural melatonin Melatonin is essential for helping our bodies unwind for the nighttime. What's better than a sweet treat to help you prepare for a good night's rest? Additionally, [...]

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Hair That’s LONG And Healthy- My 5 Tips!

Hair that's LONG & healthy- you can achieve it! Read on... 1. OXYGEN! Yes, it’s true, increased oxygen will make your hair grow faster. One great way to get long healthy hair is to put on your sneakers and go for a walk. Even just 30 minutes of exercise a day can start to circulate blood flow throughout your entire body (including your scalp). Oxygen deficiency in your blood will weaken hair follicles over time [...]

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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind anti-aging drink to give you a boost of energy and a renewed sense of well-being, Cell-nique is the answer! This drink contains tons of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients which will stop Father Time in his tracks. I have been drinking Cell-nique for a few years now and have nothing but wonderful things to say about their taste-bud riveting concoctions. After sampling its savory blends from "earthy and refreshing" [...]

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