AYA Lipstick Review – A Natural Alternative To MAC Cosmetics

AYA Lipstick Review – A Natural Alternative To MAC Cosmetics

Well folks, here it is-FINALLY, “AYA Lipstick” an all-natural equivalent to the pigmentation and staying power of MAC cosmetics! There are not enough wonderful things I can say about the AYA line of lipsticks but to list a few: AYA is Vegan, Lead-free and naturally colored without the use of toxic dyes. The casing of the lipsticks is eco-friendly and created from all recyclable material, which is great for conserving our environment.

I purchased the bare basics collection and was so pleased with how it arrived. The packaging is colored in a sleek black design and all four lipsticks come in an elegant, mesh drawstring bag wrapped in delicate tissue paper. The shades range from nude to bright pastel pink and are flattering on every skin tone. I found that applying these to bare lips works best, rather then my usual application of ChapStick or balm prior to putting on my lipstick. Doing this really brings out the true color of these hues!


AYA lipstick is the best, natural lip-color I have tried and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to transition away from the brands containing chemicals. My favorite shade is “In The Buff”- I am in love with it’s earthy tones and receive many compliments on its unique coloration! Please check out AYA’s website (http://ayacosmetics.com) to learn more about these amazing products!

This collection may be purchased for less through Amazon.com.

Additional Facts:

–  Includes some very moisturizing ingredients consisting of cocoa butter, castor oil, sesame oil and avocado butter.

–  AYA’s Lipstick contains 4 grams of product per tube making it a great value, where as most store brands contain an average of 3 grams.

–  Because these lipsticks are mineral based making them softer than traditional brands, be sure to store in a cool place!








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