There really are no words to describe how delicious Essential Living Food’s superfoods are. In fact, you would have to experience how incredibly fresh and flavorful they taste to see why I am so enthusiastic about these products on my blog! In the mean time, I am writing this review to encourage everyone to try Essential Living Foods to see for yourself how amazing this company really is. From antioxidant filled fruits and powders, to rich nut-butters & oils, these mouth-watering treats are the perfect source of energy to power you through a busy day!

After sampling a wide variety of their raw organic foods, I knew that this would be the only company I would purchase my bulk organic superfoods from. Essential Living Foods is RAW, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Even better; this USDA-certified organic company works with small farms and indigenous groups to supply customers with the PUREST, most nutritious, superfoods on earth! Each product is unique in its own way and comes from a plethora of different locations from around the world.

My absolute favorite products from Essential Living Food’s include the following:

The dried Botija Olives: Olives contain tons of health-protective nutrients that provide anti-inflammatory benefits that can significantly decrease the risk of osteoporosis. I throwing these olives on my spinach salads during the day. They have a rich flavor and compliment every meal I use them with!


The Jungle Peanut Butter: This richly decadent peanut butter is not one you will find at the store! Its unique flavor is one that cannot be compared to any other. I scoop out a few tablespoons for my morning protein shake or use this butter to compliment my organic apple snacks at noon! Raw peanut butter contains the antioxidant vitamin E and the immunity-boosting power of B6. Eating raw peanut butter is a great source of protein to help with hair, skin and nail health.


The RAW Superfood Smoothie Mix: This Essential Living Food’s mix is so flavorful and packed with all the antioxidants your body needs to look and feel incredible! I add this to my morning green drinks and can feel the energy running through my blood!

When acai and goji are consumed on a daily basis, you can increase longevity and prevent age related macular deterioration. In addition, these two superfoods have the power to regenerate hair color and stimulate the body.


Please visit to experience one-of-a-kind superfoods and to see what everyone is talking about!

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