12 11, 2016


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Here is my "Queen of Green" how-to for a delicious and easy smoothie bowl recipe! I’m sure, by now, you have drooled over all the amazing and easy smoothie bowl recipes on Instagram! Well, I was drooling too and that is why I started to create my own smoothie bowls in the AM. These concoctions are not only nourishing to the body but they also contain tons of anti-aging superfoods to keep you looking young, [...]

12 11, 2016

How To Stay Young, Good Looking and Happy Forever!

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How To Stay Young Forever... Personality says a lot about an individual and in this life, you can either radiate a loving, warm energy which promotes youth and longevity or you can be what some refer to as an “energy drainer”. You know the type! The kind of person who always complains about what is “going wrong” instead of all the blessings they have and what is going RIGHT! In this blog, I am going [...]

29 05, 2016

How To Cure Depression FAST! Depression Remedy 2016

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It has been such a long time since I have written a blog but I am happy to say that I am "back in action" and ready to speak on a topic that is my most requested- how to cure depression FAST and in a way that works, just as well as a prescription or better! "How To Cure Depression FAST!” You might wonder why I chose Rob Kardashian's weight loss photo for this blog [...]

22 09, 2015

Scabies Home Remedy 2016, How To Cure Scabies Fast!

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How To Cure Scabies FAST! Scabies Home Remedy 2016 If you have found my blog through a search engine or on my Youtube video, then I can imagine you may have been exposed to the scabies mite! This is an unfortunate event, however, with the right “healthful” steps this annoying and sometimes “hellish” skin condition is very easy to treat with my scabies home remedy :) If you want your scabies home remedy to be effective, please be [...]

27 06, 2015


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L-arginine is my newest supplement obsession- so much so, that I had to give this amino acid its own detailed blog! I hope everyone can benefit from the following useful and effective benefits that this wonderful supplement has to offer... L-arginine for Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction can be a very sensitive subject for men who experience this unfavorable condition. However, there are some very easy and natural ways to improve and even completely heal this situation. For [...]

25 03, 2015

Love Beets?- I Do! 4 Amazing Health Benefits

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Love Beets is such a phenomenal product and this brand impressed me so much I had to blog-it-up! Love Beets company provides some of the best beet juice I have ever had. It’s rich, smooth texture is tasty and energizing. In addition, Love Beets is devoted to what they believe in and provide a plethora of different “beet infused” drinks and food items to satisfy your palette. Love Beets is dedicated to improving the health [...]

15 02, 2015

Sitting Test – Determine Your Longevity!

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Sitting test - determine your longevity! Good morning everyone :) This morning I would like to touch on balance and agility. What do these two things have to do with your future?- EVERYTHING. Recently, my mom, an avid "worker-outter" told me about the "sitting test" to determine ones lifespan. Being the "wellness freak" that I am needed to know more… My Mom & Dad - keeping active! Who came up with the sitting [...]

9 02, 2015

Natural Teeth Whitening Gel Recipe – Try This!

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Natural teeth whitening gel that works- this is SO simple! Today I will be touching on how to make your own natural teeth whitening gel from only three ingredients. You can do this protocol 3x a week until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. Be sure to not go overboard, as you do not want to inflame your gum tissue. I wrote this natural teeth whitening gel blog because other whitening products such as “Crest [...]

26 01, 2015


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Organic perfume- I do, do you? I’m so excited about this blog! Do you love warm, soft scents such as vanilla and cinnamon? I am a huge fan of “dessert” scented perfumes and I am happy to announce- I have found my top three favorite brands and they do not disappoint. These three perfumes are perfect for every day use or that special night out when you want to feel extra feminine and exhilarated. Organic, [...]

16 12, 2014

iPhone Radiation Dangers – Protect Yourself!

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iPhone Radiation Dangers have become a real concern and after I experienced some unpleasant side-effects, I took action to protect my body. When I first got an iPhone a few years back, I used the device for about a week prior to returning it. From what I can recall, my wrist began to hurt and tingle. Because of this, I decided to go back to my regular flip-phone. About 2 years later, I gave the [...]