Delicious, nutritious and gluten free; quinoa is the go to superfood for superior protein. I recently started eating quinoa for breakfast after my green drinks and have noticed I am less hungry throughout the day. Carbs high in protein suppress appetite and increase energy levels. Additionally, because this is a gluten free grain, it will not cause bloating or any digestive disturbances. This amino acid also contains a whopping 16 percent protein content, one of the highest of all the world’s grains!

Protein rich quinoa, which contains nine essential amino acids, is the secret superfood for strengthening and protecting every shaft of hair on our heads. Most would be surprised to realize that a high percentage of luxury hair products contain hydrolyzed protein, which is extracted from the quinoa grain. This hydrolyzed protein is responsible for repairing damaged hair and re-hydrating our scalps. In addition, vegetable protein can moisturize and heal a dry flakey scalp!

If you are looking to re-soften your strands or have a shinier mane, make sure to integrate quinoa into your daily diet. You can prepare it like oatmeal and add raw honey and fresh berries or create bountiful grains to bed your morning scramble. Quinoa also contains substantial levels of calcium, iron, and phosphorous which will steer you in the right direction to get your hair back to being healthy!

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