Regrow Hair Naturally | For Men

Regrow Hair Naturally | For Men

Regrow hair naturally…

The most frequently asked question I get is “Eileen, how do I stop male patterned baldness!?” or “How do I thicken my hair?”. For those who have inquired, this blog post is for you! I believe genetics can be altered and through proper nutrition, almost anything can be rejuvenated and re-established. Most times, we are simply missing an important trace mineral within our diets which can contribute to this. Please read my following tips on how to regrow hair naturally to experience the magic of what mother nature has provided us…


I would like to make a bold statement by saying the above 3 spices can be life-changing or should I say “hair-changing”;) Cinnamon not only lowers blood pressure but helps to circulate adequate blood flow throughout the body, blood flow= hair growth. Adding cinnamon spice into morning smoothies is a fun and tasty way to start your day! In addition; shake cayenne pepper & black pepper onto your meals to help regrow hair naturally and to prevent pre-mature greying. The heat in the cayenne also aids in weight loss. All three of the above spices have been shown to regrow damaged hair follicles by stimulating blood flow within the body.

regrow hair naturally


Take raw cacao powder and blend it with with a carrier oil. Castor oil would be a good option as it has been shown to re-grow hair(beware castor oil is a bit thick). A lighter oil – cold-pressed coconut oil, would work great also. Then slowly massage this mixture into your scalp with the pads of your fingertips. Another easier alternative to this, would be to use RAW cacao butter which you can apply every night before bedtime. Raw cocoa butter in it’s natural state does need to be heated a bit so that it applies with ease. Scoop a small amount of the butter out and place into a small dish. You can then sit the dish in some warm water so that the butter softens. Shampoo hair in the AM and be sure to get yourself a good ORGANIC shampoo. The chemicals in some store bought brands contain toxins and will create more harm than good. Important to note- do not wash your hair every day, there is no need.


A lack or deficiency of a very crucial trace mineral “tin” can possibly contribute to male pattern baldness. Our food sources and soil are quite low in tin and it is not readily found in supplement forms. For this deficiency the schizandra berry stands out among the rest for it’s incredibly high levels of tin. This tiny berry originates from Chinese medicine and is extremely potent. It is said that just 30-40 of these berries a day provide the right amount needed to begin the healing process. You may also drink schizandra berry tea– I would recommend 1-2 cups per day along with a fabulous diet rich in greens. A third option would be adding schizandra berry powder into your morning green smoothies. David Wolfe recommends this berry himself to help regrow hair naturally.

regrow hair naturally

Schizandra Berry


In medicine, tretinoin or “Retin-A” (typically used to treat acne) has been given to patients suffering from alopecia. This vitamin A derivative has been studied to regrow hair on the scalp. In fact, at one point in time, I used this gel to fade a scar. The scar faded but I also ended up with a small patch of new hair growth in its place! Because I avoid the chemical versions of this product, I recommend getting a good quality vitamin A gel and applying this to the scalp. You may also want to increase your vitamin A intake by taking 1-2 shots of 100% carrot juice first thing in the morning.

With any health issues I want to emphasize that maintaining a healthy diet free of trans-fats and toxins is KEY to healing. The primary cause of male pattern baldness & pre-mature greying of the hair is lack of proper nutrients. That being said, include more foods rich in B vitamins and omega 3’s into your daily routine.

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