Savvy Rest Organic Mattress? Yes Please!

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress? Yes Please!

After I realized that traditional mattresses are soaked with toxic flame-retardants, I was a little hesitant about where I laid my head at night.

It’s important to realize that harmful chemicals are used in the mattress industry, and their long-term effects on the body are frightening to say the least. Researchers at Harvard now describe toxic chemicals in our environment as a silent pandemic. From lung damage and memory loss to chronic insomnia, these side effects are no joke.

The Good News:

That being said, I did my research and found one of the BEST organic mattress companies out there! My Savvy Rest mattress is the best decision I have ever made for my health. Not only do I get more restful sleeps, but I feel better as a whole. All Savvy Rests are made of natural latex foam rubber and the casing is made of certified organic wool and cotton. And without any metal springs, the grounding affects this bed are a definite plus. The best part of all is that each Savvy mattress is completely customizable for every shape and size!

I would like to note, if you have one of those uncomfortably hard mattresses to which you add foam toppers, you never have to worry about that again. Savvy’s multiple layers come in all different levels from soft to firm. After testing out many varieties, I chose their most popular combination (soft, medium, firm). This mattress supports my spine wonderfully and at the same time it feels as though I am sleeping on a cloud! It’s refreshing to know there is a company out there so passionate and dedicated to giving us the option of owning the healthiest organic mattress and at top quality too!

Please visit the Savvy Rest website at and find a retailer near you!

This company gets an A+++ and comes highly recommended by me!

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