Why I NEVER Use The Microwave

Why I NEVER Use The Microwave

Besides the fact that a microwave oven completely “nukes” the nutrients out of your plate of food, it can also cause serious damage to your health. After reading many articles and studies on these damaging effects, I decided to discontinue the use of the microwave and was shocked by the immediate changes in how good my body and mind felt. Not only could I think more clearly but my entire being felt more grounded and less anxious. To validate this theory, less than 3 weeks after banning it, I mistakenly consumed microwaved popcorn, resulting in severe nausea and a splitting headache. That is all I had to experience to know that anything out of a microwave was detrimental to my overall well being.  

It has been over a year now, and I could not be happier with my decision to change certain steps in how I prepared my food. So, despite the eyebrow raises I receive at restaurants requesting that nothing on my plate is to enter a microwave oven, I rest at ease knowing that I am taking preventative measures for the sake of protecting my health.

The following facts should be reason enough for anyone to steer clear:

1. Microwaves destroy nutrient content in food

Nutrients provide our bodies with everything it needs to grow and function on a daily basis. Whenever we don’t receive the purest form, we are putting ourselves at a major disadvantage and increasing the chance of future illnesses.

2. Microwave ovens emit a certain amount of radiation

Radiation has been linked to cancer. The more we can avoid coming into contact with any amount of it, the better.

3. Food heated in a microwave creates a false sense of fullness

Our brains need to figure out on their own when we have eaten the optimal amount of food. It is never good to have anything alter this.

4. Heating plastic in a microwave (such as baby bottles), emits toxins into our food

When plastic is heated it releases a chemical called BPA. BPA affects reproduction and brain development.

5. They once fed the military only microwaved food in an attempt to heat things more rapidly, which came to a halt after 3 days as it resulted in dizziness and vomiting.

Vomiting wears down your esophageal layers over time. We need these protective layers to guard us from everyday toxins including car exhaust and second hand smoke.

So, next time you go to heat up that cup of tea, it better be on the stovetop!

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